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If it gets done, it gets done on the other side of a huge bust-up. So best to get that out of the way as soon as possible.

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Yes, it was evident from the earlier CH piece that the Treasury was setting itself up as a rival power base in government - a role it's played often enough in recent decades. This has been stamped on by No 10.

The mystery, really, is how it ever thought it could get away with this after the role it played before and after the Referendum. For nearly five years, 'Remain Central' had been bursting blood vessels trying to thwart the people who now control the government, and was vehemently opposed to the key policy they are now trying to implement. Yet somehow, it expected to be trusted 'to be the engine that drives this new agenda'. I find the lack of political realism downright bizarre.

Rishi Sunak is trusted, of course. Unlike Javid, he seems to be a member of the inner circle, albeit a junior one as yet. And his aides will clearly be on the No 10 leash. Before much longer, I suspect there will be substantial changes among the top officials. Once the ancien regime has been cleared out and Sunak has found his feet, a reformed Treasury can regain its autonomy, but it will take some time.

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Overdue? In this replay, the Spartans held the pass. And the Persians, well beaten by bigger forces, have now gone.

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Unfortunately, 'wanting what is best for Britain' begs all the questions and is functionally useless. Depending on the political perspectives of the wanter, this could encompass everything from working tirelessly towards a United States of Europe to doing everything in our power to bring about the EU's destruction.

I have no reason to believe that Jeremy Corbyn, in his way, didn't want what was best for Britain. Sadly for him, there was a rather large gulf between what he and the bulk of his compatriots thought that was. As for Remainers, I don't doubt the same applies - even those (extremists, I grant) who seem to think that what is best for Britain is a position of unrelieved compliance with EU demands.

Btw, I say 'Remainers' but this is obviously anachronistic now. What term should we use, given that 'Rejoiners' only covers a subset?

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Yes, this particular specimen is a peach. Gave me a good laugh though.

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As things look today, his premiership will most likely end as you say.

But after all, there are quite big differences between the three PMs you cite. Thatcher and May were assassinated, while Cameron shot himself. There was no immediate pressure on him to go.

As for the two women, Thatcher did the full 10 years - by which time she'd alienated or disappointed too many of her supporters, the public had grown tired of her, 'time for a change' was in the air. These are routine hazards any long-serving PM must face and cannot hold at bay forever. May otoh had wrecked her authority within a year, and was really quite fortunate to last three.

Boris will do very well if he can emulate Thatcher in this respect. I think a decade in power is just about tops for anyone in British politics, regardless of the state of the opposition.

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They (or at least one or two of them) may well be listening. However, I'm sure they also calculate that most of the electorate which matters to them right now isn't, and that will be their primary concern.

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I thought it implied that NortherGunner fancies you. I'm not sure you're safe to generalise from that particular.

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It may well fall on deaf ears, but there's a chance it will penetrate with some. The important thing from that pov is that it came from an FCO mandarin, not a politician, and was couched in the kind of language those people use.

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I don't know that the objectives and ambitions of HMG have been 'downgraded'; they have certainly shifted markedly post-May. The capacity to diverge now trumps frictionless trade.

How much more open about this does Frost need to be? I thought he spelled it out with great clarity. Yes, he raised the British desideratum of a Canada-style agreement, but only to knock it down as dispensable if the regulatory conditions the EU want to attach are too onerous. Iow they have to decide if an FTA is what they actually want, because from the British pov this is no longer seen as an essential goal for which any price will be paid.

The whole point of his speech was to try to get across that this is no mere negotiating stance, but fundamental to the new government's conception of Brexit. Recent comments from the EU side suggest that they still don't grasp how radically things have changed in London since the Autumn.