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patrolling for and then sinking pirate boats at sea would be a good use for some of our drones. Those people have forfeited their right to consume oxygen.

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if he finds prison far worse than death, then it might be worth the cost to keep them alive just so he can suffer longer.

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it's difficult for me to have sympathy for the victim in this case, because there is sometimes such a fine line between being a victim – and a volunteer.

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how tragic, it sounds though like that girl made a career out of making bad choices. Having babies before marriage (birth control is so easily available these days) and then not only continuing to date but eventually marrying somebody with a history of violence against her. Like I said tragic, but hardly surprising.

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they are all unemployed and have all the time in the world to procreate...

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inmates are treated too much like humans, why are they ever let out of their cages, why are they ever allowed access to the mail or worse yet – the Internet? Why don't we have a broader spectrum death penalty so we don't have so many people locked up!

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My grandfather used to have a saying "right-of-way is determined by gross vehicle weight" – until I started driving, I never understood what he meant. But I hate to hear about fatality accidents like this, I know what it feels like to lose a loved one. Senseless death – well really any death at all but senseless death especially – is so tragic.

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really? The article had to actually mentioned that alcohol is flammable? Wow. other than that I'm not going to sit in judgment of these kids, they're not that much younger than I am – but I do remember being top not to play with fire, taught to use it responsibly and that it's not a toy. this really screwed up their lives.

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unfortunately there are many lawyers who will try to sue Walmart, even though the store did absolutely nothing wrong. People of grown up thinking "everything is somebody's fault then somebody must pay" instead of realizing that this is the real world and things happen, wildlife is going to be encountered, and it was nobody's fault.

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why? Because he had an accident with snake he didn't see? Grow up.