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Don't deport. Shoot.

Where I come from we shoot vermin.

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Rush is not out.

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I wish I could believe that Piers Morgan was being sincere, but I rather suspect that he is not and that he would have been better off just keeping his mouth shut. You either like someone, or you don't.

Anything for camera face time I guess.

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This is one seriously mentally ill person.

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But without the leaving of prison.

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He really is a sick little man, isn't he?

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We can all see the similarities.


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I really don't understand people like this. When Ted Kennedy died, as much as I detested him at every level, it NEVER occurred to me to offer up anything than condolences to those people who did like and love him.

There is something very wrong mentally, emotionally and ethically with people who can spew this kind of unnecessary hatred in public. Frankly, I catch myself wondering if he has a tiny penis or something else that has him so full of hatred. He is unbalanced. No question about it.

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Try actually listening to Rush Limbaugh sometime. You might accidentally learn a thing or two.

And BTW, I am a woman and he was spot on in his assessment of that idiot college student identifying herself in front of congress and the world as a world class tramp and demanding that we as a nation pay for her birth control. I can only pray that she doesn't breed!

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Brilliant observation! Thank you so much for sharing.