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He could start with his own cabinet. At least we would save money on huge investigations, oh yeah they own the justice department. This guy is a dbag!

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I love how Dems always find a way to blame Bush or any Republican for that matter. Dems have stonewalled any change in this country and now we see what you are really all about. Good luck when we take this country back in a forceful way and get rid of all the weenies!

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When do we march on Washington and take out Pelosi, Reid and Congress first! Then we march to the White House and take out the arrogant Obama and his COmmunist comrades. It needs to be done soon, these idiots are out of control. I hope the white folks that voted for this boob because of HISTORY or GUILT are hearing the abject racism coming from his appointees! This country had done more for Black people and slavery than any country in the world! And Republicans have been the reason they are free! The blacks in this country are buying into false hope!