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Man, it really sucks to have him gone. Pick up the battle cry, wave the banner high. WE ARE CONSERVATIVES, WE LOVE AMERICA, ANY ONE BUT OBAMA!!!!

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So since when did you think the GOP leadership gave a rats azz about America?

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Choose your weapons. I'm ready to rumble....

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When Issa and the rest of them lames make "an" arrest, then I'll get excited about it... until then, Holder is still a free man and that is a travesty of justice.

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...more than 4 in 10 said they wanted someone who could defeat President Barack Obama in this fall's elections. That has been the No. 1 characteristic cited in every state.

I guess that is the real issue after all. Obama has got to go, he is and has been an abject failure

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Yep. That is the only part of the debate I actually watched and he nailed it.

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The MSM, with all the kings horses and all the king's men, will not be able to put Obamdumpty back together again. He will have to face his 3 years of failure in the debate. He will answer for his epic failure as our President.

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Ya gotta be kidding me. This Administration has found a it's sacrificail lamb and Holder the guilty walks. Issa should be ashamed to go along with this charade. What a toothless, gutless, spinless GOP we have in DC!