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I don't see anything in the above post that should have been censored from this site. Are we not allowed to tell the truth anymore?

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Nice. The Tea Partiers are the ones accused of violence but the Socialists get away with saying things like "The only good Republican is a dead Republican". The left exposes themselves more and more every day. I along with MOST AMERICANS were against the Patriot Act. Your Lord and Savior Barry not only RENEWED the Patriot Act but REMOVED ALL sunsets in the law so that it is now PERMANENT! SO where is the outrage in that? No need to answer.... we all know why.

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First of all, THANK YOU for your service to our country! You have my utmost respect! With everything going on in this country today with our freedoms eroding every second, I just want to celebrate on Independence Day. The show felt so powerful last night because of what the day represents. No hate here, just patriotic love for my country! God Bless America and our military!

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I just want to say THANK YOU to the Magic Valley Citizens' 4th of July organization for standing up and raising the money to have the fireworks display on the 4th instead of the 5th. It was a great show! Would still LOVE to know the sponsor(s) that refused to fund the show if it was on the 4th. They should be ASHAMED of themselves!

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Didn't get to make it this year as we had a personal issue to deal with, but we will be there next year!

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That was an unfortunate incident. I am happy to hear the firefighters are going to be okay. I heard it was static electricity that caused the first one to light but I do not know that as fact. Just a freak accident. Hopefully next year the show will be extra special for Mountain Home.

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Do not group me with everyone else. I stopped supporting Bush in his second term when he would not close the borders, signed off on Medicare Part D and TARP. I am not even a registered Republican. I am a Conservative Independent and do not associate myself with parties. I used the polling numbers only to make a point about ObamaCare. It is a bad bill and has nothing to do with health care. Rep John Dingle (D-MICH) said it was created to "control the people" and Rep Max Baucus (D_MONT) said it was a "redistributive of wealth" mandate. Oh, and what does a Government takeover of Student Loans have anything to do with health care? That was sneaked into the HC bill. The government took business away from banks who are already struggling. How does that help the banks survive? This IS a republic. THEY are REPRESENTATIVES of the American people. They supposedly REPRESENT us. Voting for this monstrosity when 73% wanted them to start over is not REPRESENTING your constituents.

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Just remember this quote: A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take everything you have.

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Yeah, and the Government running it is so much better. Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are Bankrupt. The Postal Service is running in the red and the "service" is just first class (sarcasm inserted). If you want TRUE reform, here is all you need to do: there are about 1200 insurance companies in the US. Idaho is only allowed to do business with THREE. That is right....THREE. Open up competition between states and you will be amazed how much premiums go down when you have 1200 companies competing compared to 3. Also, I can throw in another: Tort Reform. If a guy gets the wrong limb amputated, fix him up for life... I have NO problem with that. But when a lawsuit is filed because someone is trying to make an easy buck.... laugh them out of the court room and make them pay all of the court costs.

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Oh believe me, we will. 73% of Americans wanted Congress to start over because this bill was so bad. All the talk about children with pre-existing conditions would not have to wait for insurance..... well, guess what was NOT in the bill. The list goes on and on as the bill is being released AFTER it was voted on. Ole Barry is arrogant and clueless when it comes to the American people. Again, 73% was against the bill. Only 43% approve of Obama. Congress approval rating at 16%. Princess Pelosi sits at 11% while Prince Harry sits at a whopping 8%. Oh yes, REAL change is coming in November. WE WILL NOT FORGET!!!