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You are really digging in deep. I'm glad we are connecting it.

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@ Oyeyemi,

Copyright is the right to copy, so far it is copied right :)

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@ Moore...

People are rewarded for contributions they made into the company\'s earning, either directly or as a function of their teams. If you or your team don\'t record any success activity, you don\'t get any reward that week.

@ Folashade,

There is no where you will get results without input of work. Holidays and Cash requires work, but it\'s work we can do together. Contact me, let\'s see how we can make this happen.

@ Bisi,

New Nigeria City never took off, we didn\'t do it because we evaluated that the work required was going to be more than we had the resources to bite. It\'s possibly going to happen sometime in the future. Shape CD was an investment opportunity, not this type of opportunity. The company is still operating, and it has assets, only the downturn in the market that\'s affecting other company\'s overheads is hitting the business as well. Everyone wants to cut costs, at all costs. Holidays and Cash has been around for 1.5yrs. If you are in doubt because of past experiences, there is no harm in waiting. Success happens when we don\'t let past failure stop us. Thanks.

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Martins is an illiterate that possibly cannot read :) Please go to night school. Please. lol

Darren...yes.. by referring people to the company to buy their privilege pack via your link.

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wow... thanks Guys.. I\'m excited we have these guys... thanks for keeping up your heads, and adding to my joy.

I must not quit, we must not.

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I regularly will advocate action, haven prayed as a nation for so long. But in my heart of hearts I know, that not many of us know what to do at this junction.

We are gods, and sons of the most high, to not take the responsibility given us would be to cheat generations unborn.

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Thanks all for the fabulous comments.

Prophetess Bridget...

Yes oh... 1hr can make a lot of difference. Our own relationship must pass hours oh... I have something burning in my spirit for you oh. Feli Feli oh.


Thanks for stopping by, I like that... sandpaper, quite apt as well. Thanks.


Hmmm... I\'m available. Solid thoughts from you as well.

To think that Nokia is the one that organized an event that is making me write more frequently like this? Nokia, send the pictures oh... I want to write about that meeting :)

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@No Name,

Don\'t you wonder why the negative voices that also do not understand are using no names and meeee names without correct email addresses? Do you know why?

I think it\'s because light does not need a hiding place, but darkness does.

When good people dissociate themselves from an industry, bad people reign there. That industry is empowering many people and it\'s a mountain I intend to have dominion in. You should not blame anyone for not understanding what you were getting into, and deceiving the staff in your company with false promises. Integrity is not running away from your past, it\'s being true and consistent all through time. You can have integrity and do the wrong thing (like Abimelech, but God saves people who have integrity of heart)

What you don\'t understand is I am very open to have a meeting for example with all the people in your office and show them the truth, there is nothing to hide from.

I\'m riding with this company actively for the next 10yrs and passively until I breathe my last at the ripe old age of 90 plus if God gives me extra time.

My heart aches for people who can\'t come out from their past to face the future. Losing your Job could be the best thing that happens to a person... ask Larry King, JK Rollins and all.

I pray God gives you wisdom.

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@ Agam,

Thanks for your comment and analysis, the numbers on South Korea are historic and the trend as at that point in history, here however are a few of my thoughts

1. The statistics on South Korea was as at 1990\'s and yes they are not the poorest, but their influence was not representative of a positive trend that Christianity should bring. This is alarming because the normal trend in history was that once you had the enlightenment that Christianity brings, other areas of influence ought to develop because of it (check out America, or UK back in the days, even Nigeria back in the days). The Brain Drain concept and the statistics was actually a concept that the church leadership in South Korea then identified and started to make steps to correcting. 1/500 ten years later is not bad, but I actually think they have more now. Better trends in South Korea are indicative of change and progress from where they once occupied.

2. Nigeria needs to further analysis, I agree with you.

More importantly, if you agree with the conclusion and only have issues with the examples it\'s good enough for me. My head aches, not for the alignment of the arguments, but for the alignment of our actions. We ought to be light and salt, not feel good because our light creates what can be perceived as fluke.

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On Tuesday, We\'ll be walking behind Wole Soyinka, Pastor Sarah of FWC, Dr. Tunde Bakare (Pastor), Femi Falana, Afenifere Group, Arewa youth Forum, Ndigbo groups e.t.c. We cannot fail.