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Second father-in-law could be the same age as Baitullah Mehsud and gave him his teenage daughter in marriage. So Batshit and him would be naturals to hang out together

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Prayers going up for this girl

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Careful...another Atlas comment says this is a comedy act

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All Inquisitions combined killed 50,000 at the most. Islam has killed millions even hundreds of millions since your false prophet started murdering and raping

Just the Hindu estimate is 80 million killed by Muslims over a few centuries of conquest.
You are just another example of a psycho-Muslim with no sense of proportion. Islam has given you a frontal lobotomy and lowered your IQ to a monkey's

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Similarly, I believe you cannot impose socialisim or Islam upon America. ...

Since we have a crypto-Muslim, socialist, citizen_of_the_world president we have big problems

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Juan Cole is above it all in his taxpayer funded University of Michigan ivory tower. Michigan's deep recession has no effect on him so how would he understand populism?

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I'm sure the Ayatollahs have written these victims off as fortunate martyrs since by dying in Jihad they go straight to Allah's X-rated paradise. So it's all good

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I don't like Islam at all but this problem is a Uighurs-Han clash due to the Beijing government promoting Han immigration. This is a replay of Tibet where the Han are purposely settled there to unmake Tibet's uniqueness. To dilute and overwhelm the Tibetan people. Uighurs are under the same assault. All communist governments love to resettle peoples as a tool for consolidating central power. Tito did it. Stalin too

I don't see Jihad here. This is the only Muslim dispute I can think of that I support the Muslims.

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A victory for common sense!
This judge was not cowed by Islamic bluster
Muslims like to strut around like they are the crown of creation
Primitive Somalis come here and start displaying arrogance and superiority
(The US is supremely stupid to take them in as refugees)
Islam is primitive and does not belong in civilized nations
Only those who renounce Islam should be allowed to immigrate
Even then "Trust but verify" is the rule for them

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I'm Jewish and will admit Jews are far too liberal and understanding of Islam. There should be no tolerance for the intolerant. If not that then at least be very wary of the intolerant and the major force of intolerance today is Islam. Yet when they come to Western nations they demand all sorts of tolerance and accommodation for the bizarre prayer habits and hijab costumes and masks

The Copts are victimized all the time in Egypt
Muslims should get the same treatment if they come here (USA) so don't come here. Don't come and demand prayer times where you work or Hijabs and Burkas photos on your driver's ID cards. Don't demand sinks to wash your feet. Universities caved on this because the Muslims were washing their feet in the real sinks. I would have installed cameras and prosecuted them for creating hazards with the spilled water. Instead the Muslims made major nuisances of themselves and got the universities to retrofit the bathrooms with Muslim style foot sinks

The Copts have been in Egypt since forever, long before Muhammad