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Glad it helped, Matteo. One thing I should add is if you promote a video your overlay will not show. So, you will need to choose between the 5 dollar a month fortune you make on an average video or an overlay for your cause...

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Thanks, Chloe! I have a few advance review copies of the book available for folks willing to post an Amazon review.

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Bruno, I am glad you liked the article, and did receive your email. I am frankly shocked that you cannot find me on Twitter @deltina or on Google Plus. A Google search using only my first name should do it. I appreciate your taking the time to track me down, though!

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Bigbeaut Plussize,

I checked your icon on an Apple device and it worked fine. It did not work on my Android device, though. You need to embed the code above into the header area of your site for that to work. Thanks for the embed!

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I think you would be amazed at how many folks even prefer their smartphones for browsing. I was at a meeting with my editor the other day, and he started to Google something from his phone that we were discussing. I handed him my laptop to use, but he said "No, I got it." - and looked at me as though I had done something blasphemous.

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Yes, Mike, there are lots of resources out there for helping folks get mobile ready. Please visit my latest site, for links to hundreds of resources!

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@Chris, It is amazing, isn't it? That many people have cell phones and no electricity. I heard on NPR that there are folks in those countries that drive around and charge cell phones using car batteries for a fee. Where there's a will...

I noticed my mobile traffic increase 10 fold on my sites once I used either a service, a plugin, or responsive design to make the sites mobile ready. The next article addresses the issue that sites that are not mobile ready will not place well in mobile searches. Kind of a chicken and egg thing...

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Thanks, Trish!

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I am not sure what the slice is, but keep in mind that providing optimized titles and alt text for your images also improves your placement in text searches, since they are taken into account when determining the relevancy of your content.

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OpenCMS has been around for a while. I would be surprised if they did not have some way to do this. But then if you don't have access that is another story. Hope you get more control soon!