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thank god for a healthy happy baby boy!

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he is lucky to have you guys!! such a sweet post :o).

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I am having a problem that on occasion my intense debate comments disappear and bloggers comments show up instead. So for instance, today I had two people comment using the intense debate comments for a blog post written today, then an hour later I saw that those comments were gone and someone had commented on the post with the blogger comments. I tried reinstalling Intense Debate with no luck, the blogger comments still appear.

I've had this problem before and it comes and goes. Sometimes even the Intense Debate comments come back and replace the Blogger Comments.

Any help would greatly be appreciated!

Thank you for your time.

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wish you were here to get a birthday pedi with me!! can't wait to share this next stage with you!! love you guys!!

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your words always have a way of tugging on my heart strings. love you friend!!

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it is so much fun to think about way back then! it has been an amazing 5 years with ryan, and all of you!!

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thanks lorena!! can't wait to see how it works itself out ;o). hope you guys are good!!

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love that last pic of him looking at the camera, and love his new 'do!! so cute!

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thanks steph! and give the cookies a try, you won't be disappointed ;o). i'm hoping to give those energy balls a try soon- you made them look delish!!

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haha!! once we live closer i can share all these yummy treats with you guys!! (winky face)