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One of the biggest problems that exists is the resistance of the golf teaching professional to use "outside" professionals like myself to help them help their clients get better! Trying to convince the teaching pro how important golf fitness is and how it can literally change the learning curve of a player in a short amount of time, is VERY difficult!

So in the end, it is going to take persistence of golf fitness pros like myself who are Titleist Peformance Institute certified to continue to "create" a new envelope for golf. The old one of: equipment, instruction and practice, will soon be replaced with the more successful, fitness, instruction, equipment, practice, and mental instruction...and it is this combo that will create the next generation of great golfers whether young or old!

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Good question Scot.
As much as I agree with all of your comments and the posts listed, I think a big way that golf will continue to evolve will be the cont'd drive to promote golf fitness.

We all know how the "Tiger effect" has influenced the awareness and importance of golf fitness. After all, a majority of tour players now work with some type of trainer.

It is also my opinion that golf equipment technology completely "outweighs" most players ability to actually use the club to it's fullest potential! In other words, most players bodies do not have the capability to allow the club to perform the the manufactures claims becuase their bodies are simply to tight, to weak, or are plagued with "body faults," which are creating swing faults, that are creating ball flight issues not true to the clubs design! Phew, a mouthful! Hopefully your with me on that one!

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