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Typically lame, simplistic, uninformed, and shallow review from another of today's crop of waaay-too-hip, short-attention-span, please-don't-make-the-plot-too-complicated-for-my-pea-brain film "critics".

Most critics panned "Blade Runner" when it was initially released and apparently audiences didn't care for it either as it disappeared quickly from theaters at the time; and Leonard Maltin's yearly movie review & rating book still gives it one and a half stars.

Well, we all know how that turned out, too, all these years later...

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Plenty of people just like you cry "racist" at the drop of of a hat - where the heck have YOU been for the last few years?

Plenty of people just like YOU are also just spoiling for a fight & looking with a microscope for any reason to cry "racist".

Obviously, YOU are the one who needs education: on basic human behavior, including & especially your own. Period.

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Nice to see the Racist Comment Police are looking for trouble where there isn't any, as usual...

Give me a break with the "racist comment" stuff.

Benzene said nothing about race, but you and the other responder managed to bring race in anyway - sheesh!

I suggest you both take a look at your own over-reaction to his comment and tone down the holier-than-thou, preachy, shame-on-you judgemental crap.

The perp could from anywhere, including here in the U.S. for cryin' out loud.