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Thanks for mentioning Deb Down Under in your podcast this week. This was the first time I've listened to your podcast and it was interesting - I've made a note to listen to it every week.

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I couldn't follow the math but I think Entrecard are just being lazy by only targeting their advertising to bloggers instead of reputable businesses and companies like other ad networks do.

I'm still getting paid ads on my widget even though I haven't approved any of these ads and cancelled all of those that I initially approved when this all began. It really shits me!

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How old is Graham?

Is this another example of a young person with lots of technical knowledge and no real life experience because they've spent most of their lives in front of a computer? Whilst I support young people taking the initiative to develop the web, the arrogance displayed by some of them really annoys me.

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Thank you for telling me about this and I will be joining the strike on April 10.

I wasn't sure about the strike until I noticed my widget was showing paid ads that I had NOT approved. Now I think we have to send some kind of message to the owners of Entrecard.

Graham at Entrecard is so stubborn and is determined to continue with this ridiculous 'new economy' he's created. So I'm not confident the strike will really achieve anything in his mind. But if nothing else, it will be a show of solidarity within the blogging community.

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I agree with you. But I must say, you're very fortunate because I've received a huge backlash for supporting ISP filtering since the announcement by Stephen Conroy. I've even been personally attacked and called a censorship loon for supporting this proposal.

I'm a parent too and this move by the Australian government is long overdue.