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I converted many years ago and I must say that I absolutely REVEL in this not being my holiday any more. I'm happy to let others have their fun and my biggest grump is that I miss the old school blinking lights. You know, the ones that would always blink at different times except the one string that thought blinking was for quitters? When people ask me how excited my 2-year-old daughter is, I either shrug or, for those I know better say "We're Jewish, what do we care?" That always gets a chuckle.

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What a crap example. I think you'd have a VERY hard time finding too many folks (including those who consume a bottle a day) who would call that a healthy life.

Many have argued religion is a crutch. I agree. And damned fine one at that. Helps a lot of people.

A crutch is a crutch. Being a jerk is being a jerk. They don't necessarily have anything to do with one another. We all have crutches.

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Please don't be dismissive and callous. You have no idea why some people find therapy integral to a healthy life. If it works for them, leave it be.

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I have many friends who choose not to have children. These friends are treated not only with disdain but complete disrespect. They are frequently patted on the head and told "oh, honey, you'll change your mind and regret it when it's too late". By your logic, no one has to discuss anything that bothers them. No one needs to bring up the times that they feel slighted or disrespected. No one need try to be understood when they are clearly not. Why bother talking?

Yeah, she seems mad. Yeah, she seems to be tired of trying to communicate her side. Small wonder.

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Holy Hannah, people. Do you HEAR yourselves? Because OTHERS want to have children and can't, those who don't want them should? One can't regret having children when the time comes? And people don't "wish" for the childfree to have children. They take it as a personal affront when someone doesn't want children. Of course, you know best for this person, OBVIOUSLY. She hasn't made the "correct" choice, so you feel the need to educate her? Yeah, get back to us when you get over yourselves.

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Why should she? Why does anyone take El Al and why shouldn't they have the right to a peaceful flight?

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Um, way to refute points that were not made in any way. I love how you can take a reasonable objection to someone's actions and turn it into an anti-abortion rant. Impressive.

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Oh wow this is a hard one. As a southerner, I can assure you that anyone who doesn't want to sit next to a black person is NOT going to ask politely 99 times out of 100, but your point is taken. As a conservative woman, I bristle at a man (well, at anyone) not wanting to sit next to me. But as the author said, there are far more offensive things for me to speak out against than someone POLITELY asking something that at the end of the day is no real inconvenience. Read the post as that is what the author says.

The mocking of them is wrong. We may not like what they're doing, but it is inappropriate as a to treat them with disrespect (regardless of how one may feel disrespected by them). Be the change you wish to see.

I am glad to see this post. It's important to discuss these issues.

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She clearly said that disruption is unacceptable. If you're going to object, do it on the merits of the piece.

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WHAT?!? He's insensitive, out of line and a linear thinker, but to say that's because of his atheism is ridiculous and offensive. Plenty of religious, non-religious, "spiratual", agnostic and atheistic people have faith in science and logic. They aren't particulary interested in the emotional realities of life. (Yep, even us Jews.) They cling to dogma and look for absolutes where there are none. This is no better than making a sweeping statement about Jews being out of line for insisting on following "folk tales" about kashrut.