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Death List 41.01b The Shepherd's Crown

Apparently past me decided to go out with another debut offering. Bold move past me. Coming to you from an 2015 Doubleday HC, running left to right from pg 1 to 333. It's a tough one.

So here we go kids.

Definitely died - on page

Granny Weatherwax - died in her sleep (pg 35-38)
3 elves- killed by Tiffany (pg 239)
Nightshade, Queen of the Elves - killed by Peaseblossom (pg 311)
Peaseblossom - killed by the King of the Elves (pg 317)

Definitely died - off page (ie referred to by someone)

Lord Swivel's father - died from drinking or related falling over (pg 15)
a keen young philosoper in Ephebe - found one morning, most of him anyway, surrounded by a number of purring, and very well fed, cats (pg 56)
Nanny Gripes - made Granny a witch (pg 77)
Jim Twister's mother - Tiffany was with her when she was going (pg 137)
Becky Pardon's granddad - died (pg 157)
Judy - died (pg 163)
a person - Nanny had spent the night at a deathbed (pg 242)
2 children - killed by a man in some hamlet, Spickle, Spackle, something like that (pg 243)
a man - hung for killing 2 children (pg 243)
a husband - died years ago (pg 259)

Might have died

a husband - trampled by a bad-tempered young bull (pg 134)
Mr Slack - slack enough to lose his body (pg 216)
a trader - encounters the elves 'Aargh!' (pg 220)
a little girl - wandered into the river (pg 220)
an unwary traveller - dancing to elven music that would never stop (pg 220)

Death toll?

Old men left behing when their wives died. (pg 108)
Taking the paid away from those nearing the end of their days. (pg 140)
Elves were skilled at keeping their playthings alive, sometimes for weeks. (pg 161)
Riding the flumes. Some, of course, never got the chance to say anything to anyone ever again after an early mistake on the logs. (pg 213)
The lumberjacks were not men who would run away from a fight, and the terrible metal of their axes destroyed more than one elf. (pg 217)
Elves killed by the miller of Stank. (pg 219)
The elves kill their Queens. (pg 230)
The many battles and campaigns against the dwarves and trolls that Mr Sideways had been involved in. (pg 274)
The battle for Lancre, against the elves. Covered in swarth, shot by Magrat's crossbow, flying yarrow stalks shot down, spells unleashed, Nanny and her boots with nails, Petulia boring, gyrfalcon to face etc (pg 303-305)
Battle for the Chalk. Feegles against the elves. (pg 315)

That seems to be it?

Huh. This is... weird.

Now what am I going to do?

One last call for additions/corrections/cash money? For old times sake?

You've been an wonderf^Waudience.

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Aaaaand off we go again:

Death toll?

In the past there had been so much war, far too much. (pg 19)
Lord Vetinari's coach was hijacked by assassins. (pg 20)
Hundreds of years of trolls and dwarfs trying to kill one another. (pg 25)
Killing in the darkness by those bastard deep-downers and delvers. (pg 26)
A sudden fall of dark toffee. (pg 35/36)
Plenty of orphans anxious for a new home in their country. (pg 51)
In the end there were only two casualties among the wedding party. The rest of the attack? (pg 51/52)
A second clacks tower had been torched. (pg 66)
Two more clacks towers were torched. No one has died except for the dwarfs. (pg 78/79)
Rival engineers are making all the mistakes Ned's father did. Including the fatal ones? (pg 87)
Bandit attacks on the journey to Uberwald. (pg 95)
Goblins eaten by bandits. (pg 167)
Moist and the goblins attacked the dwarfs who killed the railway workers. There were goblin fatalities as well as dwarf.(pg 173)
There was a mine collapse. (pg 201)
When dwarfs schism they schism. Others had already fled and died. (pg 205)
People who believed that if they held out their palm to the oncoming locomotiveit would stop for them immediately. Were they *on* the tracks at the time? (pg 242)
The delvers attacked the trains. (pg 271/272) Both lots are heading for the tanty (pg 279) All of them?
Another group of delvers attacking the train. There were screams, sometimes high pitched, as the delvers lost their hold and fell down either under the train or into the water still fighting the speedy goblins. (pg 307) The foe is either fleeing or dead. (pg 308)
A number of Grags, delvers, dwarfs killed by the Flyers exploding boiler. (pg 316/317)
Yet another train battle. (pg 346-350) Such grags as were alive or weren't definately dead were trussed up. (pg 350)
A certain clash of opinion between dwarf factions. (pg 354/355)
Killer John Wagstaff - An accuracy of naming? (pg 372)

The Undead

Lady Margolotta - vampire
Otto Chriek - vampire
Captain Sally von Humpeding - also vampire

Aaaaand we've reached the terminus for our journey today. How went the deathspotting? Collect the set?

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Death List 40.01b Raising Steam

Now coming into the station the penultimate list of the season. Fresh out of the yard it's a shiny 2013 Doubleday HC, running left to right from pg 11 to 375, and making all regular stops.

All aboard!

Definitely died - on page

Mr Simnel - disappeared in a cloud of furnace parts and flying metal, all enveloped in a pink steam (pg 12)
Blodwen Footcracker - killed by delvers (pg 52)
another member of the wedding party - killed by delvers (pg 52)
a dwarf - very, very dead (pg 65)
two delvers - killed by goblins (pg 107)
9 workers - killed by dwarfs (pg 172)
3 dwarfs - killed by Moist (pg 173)
a dwarf - killed by Iron Girder, filling the aire with a pink fog (pg 190)
Jed Wesley - killed buggering around with a steam contraption (pg 197)
Crucible Wesley - killed buggering around with a steam contraption (pg 197)
a dwarf - the knives got her before she stumbled (pg 201)
a train driver - killed in a train collision (pg 242)
a dwarf - throat cut in the darkness by a delver (pg 278)
two corpses - dead (pg 320)

Definitely died - off page (ie referred to by someone)

Dick's maternal grandfather - on his deathbed (pg 16)
Dick's paternal grandfather - a bit slapdash like his father (pg 87)
Bedwyr's father - the old boy was dead (pg 105)
a baby - lost during delivery (pg 275)
another grag - killed by Aeron (pg 354)

Might have died

two gargs - heads smacked together by Bluejohn then thrown off the train (pg 347)
another garg - fell from the carriage on to the tracks below (pg 349)
a couple - Lady Margotta made a couple of examples (pg 351)

This trip is long. We now pause for water and refreshments...

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That makes sense in the "Might have died" section, or at least as I tend to use it.

And that is a perfectly valid add. Added.

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We're baaaaaaaack:

Death toll?

Treasure-hunters plundering goblin settlements and the retaliation by the goblins themselves, has coloured human-gobiln relationships even to the present day. (pg 11)
"The dreadful algebra of necessity" and the unggue pot called "soul of tears". (pg 11/185-187) Whom may die so that some may live.
Drugs that make trolls heads explode. Probably fatal even for trolls. (pg 11)
On the streets if you don't learn fast you're dead. (pg 41)
Suspicious-looking burial mounds. Often contain the dead. (pg 45)
Hangman's Hill. It's right there on the tin. (pg 47)
Sam Vimes was no stranger to death. Suicides, murders, hangings. (pg 50) Some days are bad days. (pg 212)
The Ramkin family crypt. Those grandfathers and grandmothers down the centuries.(pg 51)
Lord Rust, without whose unique grasp of strategy and tactics several wars would not have been so bloodily won. (pg 62)
Should have gone for the Marquis of Fantailer. That has been carves on mnay a gravestone. (pg 82)
The Light Dragons, Makepeace is the only one left. (pg 92)
The lime pit next to the Tanty Gallows. (pg 106)
No major murders. So... (pg 118)
You don't last long in the military as a killer. (pg 123)
Makepeace has seen too much killing is his time. (pg 125)
The yellow grass weevil of Howondaland has been known to enter the skill via the ears, lay its eggs in the victim's brain and leave the poor victim hallucinating continuously until it exits via the nostrils. Death inevitably ensues. (pg 143) They're very good at getting skulls scrupulously clean.
Sam Vimes has killed people. He likes to think he tried not to. Presumably we've not seen them all. (pg 153)
What happened to the goblins 3 years ago. (pg 163)
A man was hung for the contents of his cellar. The contents of which Vimes would not burden Feeney with. There may have been a death involved there then. (pg 165)
The goblin family of Miss Beedle's mother were all slaughtered. (pg 180)
Lord Justice Hangnail, "criminals always lie" and involved in the rope industry. (pg 206)
Crystal Slam, taken by trolls a few times and they drop down dead. Manufacture is a hanging offense. (pg 218)
Giving King's evidence, it's death by hanging if you lied. (pg 220)
According to the Omnians, murder was the third crime ever committed. (pg 246)
The Goblin deaths at the tobacco farm in Howandaland. (pg 259)
The Glorious Peggy was blown out of the water by a gas buildup. (pg 286)
Victims of the vicious and inventive murderers that Vimes has dragged to justice. (pg 287-288)
Stratford has killed maybe sixteen people, not including goblins. (pg 294)
Mr Trooper's clients.
The first time the goblins were taken. (pg 342)

We're done? We're done. There's quite a bit to digest there. Did someone bring the weevils? Contributions? You know what to do.

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Death List 39.01b Snuff

Debut Death List Season continues. It's Debut Death Lists all the way down? This sort of past me behaviour is really not quite up to Snuff. The numbering comes from a fresh 2011 Doubleday HC with pages 9 through 378.

Bring on the old Treachery:

Definitely died - on page

a goblin - head mounted on the pub's wall (pg 56)
The Pleasant Contrast of the Orange and Yellow Petals in the Flower of the Gorse - murdered by Stratford (pg 142)
additional goblin - Wee Mad Arthur "ended its suffering" (pg 259)
another goblin - died on the barge (pg 283)
a pirate - the sound you heard was one of the pirates dying (pg 290-292)
Stratford - killed by Wilkins (pg 366)

Definitely died - off page (ie referred to by someone)

Stump's great grandfather - his skull is kept in the hermit's grotto (pg 40-41)
Stump's father - his skull is also in the grotto (pg 40-41)
Stump's grandfather - also residing in the grotto (pg 40-41)
Sybil's granddad - when he was alive (pg 41)
One of Sybil's Great Uncles - killed in a duel (pg 41)
Ming Chang - died a few months ago (pg 110)
Mr Upshot - died (pg 112/165)
Mistress Slightly - dead (pg 147)
Mr Beedle - killed in the Klatchian war (pg 161)
a man - hung (pg 165)
The wife of the Marquis of Fantailer - murdered by the Marquis (pg 174)
Wilkin's mother - passed away (pg 205)
a baby goblin - the "soul of tears" unggue pot attached to Colon (pg 234)
Jethro Jefferson's dad - died (pg 342)
a guard - throat cut by Stratford (pg 363)
the last snarkenfaugister - died in a freak pencil-sharpener accident (pg 368)

Might have died

a pirate - Mister Harrison got one of them (pg 291)
Mister Harrison - stabbed by another pirate (pg 291)

A quick break as this list runs long...

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I am not sure how I missed Macintosh. But you're certainly correct, at the very least he died there in the fire. The Cunning Man I didn't count because, as you say, he's just banished and will, inevitably, be back.


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Death List 38.01b I Shall Wear Midnight

Once more with a Interwebs Debut Death List. It does seem like past me started coasting a little towards the end there. Slacker. At least it was down on compressed vegetable matter this time? It's numbered by way of an 2010 Doubleday HC with pages 9 through 345.

Time to leap into the fire.

Definitely died - on page

The Baron - died (pg 80)
Mrs Coble - fell into the cellar (pg 210)

Definitely died - off page (ie referred to by someone)

Baby Petty - killed by Mr Petty (pg 30)
An old woman up near Slice - died in her bed (pg 38)
Mrs Snapperly - died in the snow (pg 61)
The Baroness - passed on (pg 71)
The Baron's father (the Baron) - died (pg 80)
Brian's Nan - died (pg 84)
The old blacksmith - helped to his death (pg 110)
Mr Proust - passed on twenty-five years ago (pg 125)
An old lady - beaten to death (pg 137/138)
The King of Ankh Morepork - decapitated by Stoneface Vimes (pg 155)
A witch - burned at the stake (pg 162)
The witchfinder - thrust out of the world (pg 163)
William's grandad - died (pg 192)
Mr Coble - died (pg 209)
Mavis - a freak accident involving a flight of stairs, a cat and a scythe (pg 244)

Death toll?

Smoothed an old man's path to his grave. (pg 17) Probably not just the one.
There was still a torture chamber in the castle and even though it hadn't been used for hundreds of years... (pg 26)
Darker Crimes against the Music. (pg 34)
Witches being burned, being pressed flat on the ground with lots of stones. (pg 142)
The Tanty. The inmates and the victims of inmates. They killed people for a hobby, or for a god, or for something to do, or because it wasn't a very nice day. (pg 149)
Mr Proust was a hangman. (pg 150)
What was found in the King of Ankh Moreporks private dungeon. Possibly not everyone lived? (pg 155)
A witchfinder, a book-burner and a torturer. (pg 160/161) Suddenly witches were everywhere, but not for long. (pg 162)
Those taken over by the Cunning Man. (pg 163)
Witches that have fought the Cunning Man and died. (pg 164)
Deceased Feegles and their complicated theology. (pg 165)
Lord Rust's men. (pg 175)
Seating the ghosts. Avoiding another massacre. (pg 186)
Feegles vs humans. Taking a shovel to a Feegle mound.(pg 269/270)
The victims of Macintosh. (pg 280/281)

The Undead

Mavis - a ghost
Skeleton (formerly screaming) - a skeleton
The First Duke - a ghost

Aaaaand out again. Sins of omission? Bring it!

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Buy things!

Aaaaand we're back. Play ball!

Death toll?

A certain prowess with the stiletto dagger. (pg 9)
Sometime people left in disgrace, in a box or, in a few cases, in bits. but there was no tradition of resigning at all. (pg 23)
It has been the cause of a number of homicides. (pg 26)
Play until full time, first man dead or first score. (pg 28)
So there were all those big battles. (pg 35)
The Dark War had engulfed Far Uberwald. (pg 36)
A leader who was not stupid, mad or dead. (pg 44)
Lord Vetinari forcibly insisted. (pg 52)
When a wizard who blinked died. (pg 54)
The used them to kill. (pg 58)
Any unreformed bloodsucker who tried to make a killing in the city would be hunted down by the people who knew exactly how they thought and where they hung out. (pg 59)
They came in thousands, like lice, killing everything and eating the dead, including theirs. (pg 60)
Unofficial evil wizards. (pg 82)
Big pole, spattered with red at the bottom. (pg 87)
The unofficial motto of the Lady Sybill Free Hospital was 'Not everybody dies'. (pg 97)
If it takes an Igor to bring you back, you were dead. Briefly dead, it's true, which is why the murderer will be briefly hanged. (pg 98)
The losing team was throttled. (pg 129)
Wizards exploding in a cloud of pomposity. (pg 198)
Selecting an Archchancellor. (pg 202)
Early blokes kicked a dead enemy's head around. Unlikely but...(pg 208/234)
Three dead languages, and the people who spoke them? (pg 223)
Just about every genuine battle between wizards has hitherto resulted in wholesale destruction. (pg 226)
Lord Vetinari is challenged very frequently. It's just that they don't win. (pg 228)
The Loko Business. (pg 228)
An expeditionary force into Far Uberwald. (pg 229)
Orcs all got killed off hundreds of years ago. (pg 271/277)
The battle of Orc Deep. (pg 281)
A lot of really interesting stuff happened under the Evil Emperor. (pg 284)
When King's fight Kings. (pg 284)
We used to fight dwarfs once. (pg 286)
Hen and Chickens Field. Where people were hanged. (pg 288)
All of the Orcs were hunted down after the war. (pg 309)
Pepe has done more damage with a broken champagne bottle. (pg 317)
It was a bloody war. (pg 321)
Mrs Atkinson, surely one of the most feared Faces who had ever wielded a sharpened umbrella with malice aforethought. (pg 327)
A terrible mining accident and a rather unusual rock slide. (pg 333)
Men killing one another and beasts tearing decent folks apart. (pg 368)
The arena of the Hippo, oceans of blood over the centuries. (pg 382)
Forgiveness is the name of Pastor Oat's double headed battle-axe. For Mister Oats the crusade against evil is not a metaphor. (pg 395)

The Undead

A Zombie who worked in the Kitchen (pg 37)
Charlie - Skeleton

You think it's all over?

Well yes. Yes it is. Unless we're going to penalties?

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Death List 37.01b - Unseen Academicals

There's only one Death List 37.01b - Unseen Academicals! Ooooooonnnnnly one Death List 37.01b - Unseen Academicals!

It comes from a Doubleday HC of an 2009 vintage, playing a classic pg 9 to 400 formation. Let us commence the listing of death!

It is now!

Definitely died - on page

Nutt - whacked hard with a club (pg 94/97)

Definitely died - off page (ie referred to by someone)

Juliet Stollop's mother - dead (pg 12)
The previous Master of Traditions - dead for two hundred years (pg 23)
A senior director - from having his head from his head shut repeatedly in quite a small filing cabinet (pg 26)
Archchancellor Preserved Bigger's Bequest - dead then (pg 29)
Widow Crowdy's husband - dead (pg 50)
Three men - hanged last week (pg 58)
Evans the Striped - evaporated (pg 62)
Dave Likely - killed by The Dollies (pg 70/92)
Glenda's mother - luck to die with all her fingers (pg 104/106)
Charlie - he's dead (pg 139)
A person - head severed (pg 242)
An Orc - died (skull from the battle of Orc Deep) (pg 281/282)
Trev's mum - dead (pg 341)

Might have died

Bishop Horn realizing that alligator quiche was an unwise choice. (pg 191)

Uh oh. Looks like we're going into extra-time! Right after these messages from our sponsors!