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Contrast her silence with the trouble she gets into when she opens her mouth ...... and reads her script:

Waters defends FannieMae abuses back when they could have done something about them during the Bush administration.

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Flash back to the you tube video showing Waters opening her clap-trap widely and loudly defending the crooks at FannieMae and calling anyone who criticized them lynchers ...back at a time when the Bush admin was trying to get powers to clean up the mess that eventually unfolded taking everyone down.

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Those look like a bad set of dentures which is why she has to keep her lips pulled over them.

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Best thing about Romney is Soros can't buy him out, the way Soros did with Obama. Romney is his own man, and that is priceless. No special interests buy-out. No public employee union buy-out. Ooops, I am giving away all the reasons the Dembots will go freaking nuts to defeat him.

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America has always been the Land of Opportunity. If some want the opportunity to be stupid, nothing should prevent them from reaping its consequences.

They could have gone to a low-cost publicjunior college anywhere in America and be trained to be auto mechanics or radiology technicians or even phlebotomists .

That is what the Land of Opportunity is all about and that is where our money should be going and not cleaning up after stupid people who do not appreciate what is already being handed to them.

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Much like Obama making an unexpected strong showing in Iowa back in 2008, the message from Iowa voters is the race has just begun; not ended. Front-runners still have to earn their final victory. All bets are off and we are listening to the messages that hit us most directly before the political spin machine takes over.

Obama's outlyer strong showing in Iowa in 2008 was more the result of the hired thugs who jack-booted Iowa caucuses and the rest of the national primaries than any real mandate for this wholly unqualified candidate.

Watch out for the same dynamic to be put in place - who wins if Paul wins - Obama's jackboots and union thugs of course. How many of them are again back out on the Iowa caucus circuit this time not to win, but to insure a Republican failure. Once burned; twice shy.

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This helicopter parent crowd, the product of too many years of "progressive" education, have long been accused of (ab)using their children as mere fashion accessories to support their own narcissistic needs. Need there be more proof than this?

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Anyone else remember the huge international fuss when Michael Jackson dangled his infant child over the balcony of the Berlin hotel to show him off to the reporters gathered below? Firestorm. Where is that same outrage now?

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Biggest problem is raising a generation of kids who were told "you can be anything you want to be". Now they are learning they can't and won't. They are mad. They was robbed and now they are taking it out on you. Even worse is every kid today has to aspire to go to the Ivy League or else you are accused of negligent parenting because the legacy lock has been broken and every yeehaw with a set of helicopter parents is now demanding their kid at least tell everyone they are going to Harvard to be a doctor.

Everyone -- it used to only a few privileged kids so the rest of us shared no disappointment when it was only the door to state-supported public education that was open to us.

But only if our parents started saving when we were infants and we worked summer jobs and during school to make it all work and knew even with a college degree we had to start at the bottom of any job we wanted because we had no life experience and a degree only opened the door - hard work and persistence is what let us climb the staircase.

The I was told I could do anything generation wants it all now, or else. We have to figure out the "or else" part of their demands and it had better be good to make up for the past 20 years of values that are now finally coming home to roost - where people are famous for being famous. Everyone can have their 15 minute but no one will actually work, sacrifice or delay gratification.

Let them fester in their camps - there is no greater boot camp education for this pack of addled headed miscreants.

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BS, my friend is your attempt to discredit this event. The Haas Business School is right on campus and is only a few buildings away up the hill from Sproul Hall, between Sproul and the UC Footnball Stadium - it is in the old campus Cowell Hospital site for those of you a long way from your UC graduation. This was an on-campus shooting, right on campus and right next to Boalt Law School and the UC Optometry School. Can't believe the Chancellor is bending over so far so early.

Former UC Free Speech victim myself - our campus has seen hard times and the best thing that came out of the 1960s' Free Speech movement was Ronald Reagan and decades of conservative back-lash. So let them have their tantrums and pouts because we need to solidify a few more decades of renewed conservative backlash in this state or it is going down the dumpster gorging itself on public sector excesses that make the PIIGS look like chihauauas on a saltine cracker diet.