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I don't think Remote Potato works with Vista. The version of Media Center on Win7 is a little bit different. Sorry.

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Hey, I'm glad you got your DynDNS login to work - that's way easier than having to guess your dynamic IP address every time. :)

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I'm going to see The Expendables with a bunch of friends tonight - I hope you're wrong!

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I love my Captivate and the Swype keyboard, so I have no use for the physical keyboard on the Epic. But if you're on Sprint and want a new phone, the Galaxy S phones are about the best out there right now.

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I don't want to be a downer, but 2.1 on the Backflip will probably never happen.

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I know that when I try to access Remote Potato from another PC on my network, it doesn't work. I have to use a PC outside of my network to get into it. My main PC is wired into my router (not wireless) - are you saying that you have yours wired straight into your modem? How is it on your network without going through your router? In any event, I would recommend dropping a line on the Remote Potato forums for additional assistance with this, as I'm not the most experienced when it comes to network engineering. That's why I wrote this tutorial, actually - I know just enough to get it done, but I can't really help with troubleshooting without being able to actually play with your setup.

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I can see the logic behind limiting the folders to 12 apps, but being limited (in general) still sucks. I'd rather see 12 at once, and then be able to scroll vertically through the folder if needed to go beyond the 12.

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The current iOS notification system is fine if you use LockInfo but the stock notification system leaves much to be desired. One of webOS' main strengths is their notifications system, so this can be nothing but good news.

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I'll be jailbreaking iOS4 as well - SBSettings, LockInfo and its add-ons, Grooveshark, and custom SMS tones are my main reasons for jailbreaking. (Backgrounder is another main reason currently, but that'll be a non-issue once iOS4 comes out.)

I'm not sure how I'm going to utilize the folders yet. I have my screens sorted by app type (utilities, games, etc). I have two screens of games alphabetized currently, but since I can't put all 32 games in the same folder I'll have to be a little more creative about how I separate them - perhaps "Puzzle Games", "Kids Games", "Action Games", etc. Being able to put folders in the dock is going to be a nice benefit - I can have a "Messaging" folder for Mail and Messaging; a "Music" folder for iPod, Grooveshark, and Pandora; and a "Web" folder for Safari, Opera, and CloudBrowse.

I hadn't really thought about the 12 app limit until now. It's not a big deal but it seems random that they're limiting the number of apps in a folder to 12 - why not just let the user do what they want? Oh wait, we're talking about Apple, aren't we? :)

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Congrats man! That's awesome.