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fabulous :)

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Mister Levin is a great patriot, but you Sir, you are just an idiot.

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It's not a white supremacist group, it is a group of people trying to bring attention to the whites in South Africa being killed for no reason but their skin color. Sound familiar Black Lib?

And why is it when people of fair skin want to protect their race, all of a sudden they are racists? I'm white, I have absolutely no problem with anyone of color, race or religion, but I'll be damned if I'm going to be labeled by some idiot on the internet, or the President because I value my heritage and culture. When did it become a crime to be white or straight or a Christian? Why is every freakshow group allowed to run around and protest normal folks? But if we stand up against the feakshows, we are the ones in the wrong?

This is what politically correct has done to our country. We are no longer allowed to point out the idiots, because someone's feelings might get hurt. Well Sir, I'm pointing you out, you're an idiot.

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You're spot on, its about unions and supporting Obama. I wonder how many musical interments were inspected in the WH during the little blues party last week.

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seriously, next you know he will put through an executive order to allow the whole world to vote for him. He is so insane.

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He is crazy, five years, why not make it 10, 20...what a dipsh!t.

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I would like you to explain yourself too Joe Steel, how are the Republicans obstructing recovery? You freakshows come on the internet and type out these stupid things but you never, ever supply any links or facts to the BS you spew.

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I played soccer, not only did I play, but I lettered and pinned, I also have two children and was a couch on both of their teams in AYSO. So I think that qualifies me as a soccer mom, and being so, I can safely say, you are full of crap.

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Why release them? Obama didn't release anything factual. I don't understand why Republicans are always the ones who bend over and grab their ankles. Any idiot knows that Romney doesn't pay income tax, he doesn't get a paycheck. But they will spend this to attack wealth again to make it evil in the eyes of moronic obamabots.

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damn :) Newt did good! It's about time someone acted like a man. I wish Mister Cain would have done the same thing.