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New challenges, new opportunities: My goal for this year is to have made a recognized difference in the battle for peace and the worldwide effort to reverse global warming. Believe it or not, I think we can make progress on both at the same time, if we put our (rational) minds to it. We just need to elevate the needs of humanity as a whole above our individual agendas long enough to form a genuine compromise. Perhaps we could start by, each one of us, exploring the culture of someone else - someone who is "different". It really doesn't hurt! Then we could, our own culture still intact, actually ask someone else - someone who is "on the other side" - what they think one solution is, instead of sermonizing everyone within range about our own opinion. Then, if you really listen to what your friend (an "enemy" is just a friend you haven't found a way to work with yet) is saying, chances are you will discover areas where you agree! They might be small but hey, it's a start!

Try it, it's fun!

Don Weller

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You said, "i am disappointed in obama's decision to let an anti-gay minister serve at his inauguration"
Personally I'm proud that President-Elect Obama had the integrity to choose his spiritual inspiration without regard for political views. That's what I call religious freedom.

Faith is as delightfully varied as we are!

Don Weller

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Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you all - and especially to President Elect Obama, Joe Biden and their families, and the entire Transition Team. My family is scattered throughout the Pacific Northwest. Unable to reunite for this joyous holiday, we are all still so grateful to be safe and warm in our homes while many others suffer through this unprecedented Arctic Blast. We are also grateful for the hope of real action to come. Maybe by the end of your second term [:-)] we will have Mother Nature back in our corner!

Thanks so much for your dedication,

Don Weller

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So much bitterness - and yet you contributed to the Change campaign! Couldn't you find something uplifting to say on Christmas? What ideals did you have in mind when you made your first contribution? Something positive I'm sure.

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From the document: "If we are to succeed in surmounting the threat of catastrophic global warming, decisive action
must be taken during your administration, Mr. President-Elect. You are facing many, many
challenges, but none that match the scale of the climate crisis. However, the news is good: we
can do something about it, but only if we act quickly and deliberately. We heard you during
your campaign and on election night when you said to the country and to the world: “Yes, we
can.” Let’s answer this – one of the greatest trials to test humankind – in the same affirmative

I agree 100%. Very few in this world realize how much danger we are in. This *has* to be our top priority. The global economy will make the problem *worse* if it recovers before we stop global warming.

Don Weller

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First time I tried it went - where the heck does one go to post? Turned out it was the empty box all the way at the bottom of the page. ... Scroll down. Keep going ... No, scroll down some more ... There!

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What about veterans? I no longer work so all I have is Tricare standard (for retired military). My doctor says it's the worst. I have to pay in full for just about everything, including a flu shot at the drugstore. When do I get better health care for my buck?