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im just like you i always want to brightn someones day even if i can brightn my own but i realized that sometimes you have yo put your self before your friends...an they arent too good of friends if they want/make you do stuff that is gonna make yu upset...an dont worry its just a shadow! you cant have a shadow withou light lol (i heard that in church) i hope everything works out forr chuu^_^

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it seems to me like your so happy that nuthin can bring you down! yes losing a loved one hurts but you cant cry everytime you think about it you usually think about all the bad stuff that happened right? well i do...i dunno if im alone on that one lol but you should think about all the happy an good times yall have spent together and i hope that boy situation works out for youu ((:

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welll its a complicated situation lol you should go talk to the guy you like get to know him see how things work out for yu^_^

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i mean if you already act like yall are dating what harm could it do for him to get the label "boyfriend"? Your worried about getting hurt? well your already getting close to him...going out with him wont hurt you anymore than it would not goiing out with him because yall act like it.... so long story short (go out with him because you already act like it anyways you wont get hurt any more/less if you call him your boyfriend] i hope this helpd if not sorry!:p

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well..im glad everything sank in for you even tho alot of people inckuding me dont do thatt because it would be kinda.... like fake! your not being yourself you act one way arouund a certain person but when your not arroundd them you dont act like that...well i guess its good you realized thatt lol ;)

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aw thats sad...my dad left..but my mom an sister fight ALLL the time and i just want to leavee and never come back but...i dunno! i think your parent should seperate it would be best for everybody! i hope things get better for yuu:x

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Dear Little Girlll* i loveloveloveee ittt<33 lol

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i read your story and just wanted to let you know that you arent alone im in the same boat as yu and goin thru the same stuff but my mom works all the time the inly time i get to see her is when she picks me up from school my dad is a drunk that i no longer live with and i feel like im alone. buttt self harm? i know it makes you feel better like all your problems are draining out but thats only for the moment the problems arent gonna go away and sooner or later youll be addicted! trust me yu dont want that it sucks and when my mom was doing laundry she found one of my razors in my blanket that i hid and started freakin out and i told her that ill stop i just want somebody thatll be here for me becuase it sucks being alone && i hopee everything gets better for you & if yur default pic is yu,,then your a beautiful girl and dont let anyone tell yu otherwise! if yu wanna talk just reply to this comment<3

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I Think You should see if it happens again and if it does ask him whats going on. It seems like the one yu like was getting jealous even tho he was hitting him in a playing way! hope everything works out for you!