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Ragefororder! The first thing you should realize is that what you read on the Internet has no oversight or rules or laws and therefore anyone can say anything. One of the most successful games those that are just full of it is that they overwhelm you with intense information. They prove nothing and keep inventing things as they go. This you must just bypass. You are your own oversight, your own investigator. Use your common sense and realize that in a crisis many evil people try to take advantage of that crisis to turn your head so you just have to think hard about what the goal of these people is. Trying to prove that Bush knew about 9-11 before it happened and willfully let it happen is beyond incredible, so start from there. Now that you know that, become skeptical and demand absolute proof, not words or references that just say nothing because they can be matched with an opposite view equally credible. Truth has no counter reference. In other words truth cannot be destroyed, only shrouded and you are grown up enough to figure that out. Americans are now awake and furious. There is plenty of evil in Washington and we have to remain alert. If the result of what you watched causes you to become cynical to the point that you have no faith left in your heart then you know the goal of these people. Their videos have that goal in mind. If you watched Glenn Beck in recent days, you can see the difference in what he is doing and what they do in their videos. Take his segment on Monitorizing our debt. He showed only one video. He showed Ben Bernacke answering one question...Will the federal reserve monitorize the debt? Ben Bernacke said."The federal reserve will not monitorize the debt. He then showed one document obtained under the freedom of information act, showing that Bernacke lied. A simple connecting of the dots. if he was lying he would have circle talked you and overwhelmed you with details that seemed to tell you something but did not tell you anything. Go to glenbeckclips.com and look up this video for Sept. 17th. and you will see what I mean. In fact look at them all.

I am not sure which video you are referring to so tell me in another answer and I will look at it and reply with some answers. I have seen plenty of them and disproved them for my own sake and I am willing to look at this one if you wish, although I no longer waste my time on them.

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In his almighty dreams will this happen! Sustein is mentally ill. I know this because no one decent is respected by Obama and the far far left!

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Well put and so funny! Thanks for the lift.

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In order for this to be the truth you would have to get all the people that were there to lie as well and that is impossible. They are also saying that the Pentagon was not hit by a plane and that that plane just went somewhere else. of coarse, again, you would have to get all those people to lie again, including those that were on the phone with their loved ones just before they died. How many Americans do you think would waste their time lying for the government. In order to stop the destruction of our constitutional freedom we must beware of running too far to the other side because there is a different kind of despot waiting for you. Stick to what you know and quit letting someone overwhelm you with details that do not prove the case at all. The more fake info they put in your lap the easier it is to deceive you. We have an enemy right in front of us so keep your eyes and your mind straight ahead.

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Refute away! I also saw these same people say that our military was bombing whole cities and showed the picture to prove it. But then the truth came out. They just duplicated buildings over and over again to make it look like a city. They lied. I also saw these same people say that the 9-11 destruction of the twin towers was planned and allowed,{Take your choice} and they showed video clips claiming an explosion happened before the nose of the plane hit the building. Of coarse they blurred the front of the plane just brfore it hit so it would seem that way. Having seen the whole thing live when it happened I knew right away that this too was a fake. The nose of the plane was NOT blurred when I saw it live. Also the explosions that took place below where the building was falling were a result of outward pressure as the bulding imploded, but they said it was pre set explosions. Stay on track and don't listen to this bull.The devil has a two edged sword.

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You are actually trying to piss people off and that is wrong no matter what you think your motive is. People resent your implication that you are getting the response you wanted as if without you no one could proceed in an intelligent manner. Such vanity and pride is never helpful. Dianne

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You are playing with minds here. Your vanity and arrogance is standing out. Maybe you are actrually a troll. What say you?

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Review your own comments.

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No one needs you to ignite the fire in our hearts. Obama is sufficient! Right????????

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I have an original thought! What you are witnessing is a very large format which brings about brainstorming. That is what is necessary to take back what we have lost in the Constitution. No one has a monopoly on that, not even you Jake. Millions of people need facts to decide with. There is so much brainwashing going on that what is here is totally necessary to ALL, not just those who have been in this for a long time. That requires all of it so just get with the program and quit complaining about other forms of free speech. The things you may not need someone else needs so be grascious and allow them to have it. Some of those links offer proof to an alarmed public about certain things. Once everyone is sure of their facts you will have what you want. In the mean time, just be fair and get off this subject