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5 years ago @ Malay Mail - You don’t unders... · 0 replies · +5 points

I really hope that the writer will read the comments to his article. This is what I've got to say:
1. the only thing holding the PH parties together is a common desire to oust Najib, what then is holding BN together if not to plunder our land? Which spell more danger to the country
2. on the Selangor MB issue. if you take Pas out of the equation, there was no problem. With Pas out of the way, PH is not PR... besides that, don't forget that BN has their own version in Trengganu!
3. experienced politicians in the Opposition coalition are so unaware of requirements from the ROS - you do know what is shifting goalposts, I believe...
4. water cuts in Selangor and flooding in Penang - have you not read about these in BN ruled states like Pahang, Negeri Sembilan etc? stop watching TV3.
5. shadow cabinet - are there shadow cabinets in Selangor, Penang and Kelantan?
6. stability - I don't see instability in Penang and Selangor!

One needs to be fair not only to PH but BN as well. Our media is biased and no doubt about that. Being the devil does not mean BN can get away with their shortcomings and PH, they are no angels, that means they have their own fair share of the same. I am not a PH sympathiser and I dare say I don't like Mahathir. I too support the investigation of LGE's bangalogate. Deep down I am hoping PH to win but Mahathir to lose in Langkawi!

5 years ago @ Malay Mail - ‘Mosquito’... · 0 replies · +1 points

Bersatu, a mosquito indeed but it's no ordinary mosquito but Aedes. It's bite can be fatal!

5 years ago @ Malay Mail - What Putrajaya wants y... · 0 replies · +2 points

there was no mention in this article of the govt being the authority to determine if the news is fake or otherwise, read under 'Who decides what is ‘fake news’?', it states that a “neutral and just” party—the courts—will decide if an information or news is fake by due process of law.
you also cannot claim that 'How unfair this law!' as there are no examples of who gets off the hook, the law is simply non-existence today.

I would like to add that how on earth courts decide if an information or news is fake? what sort of expertise do the courts possess?

5 years ago @ Malay Mail - Johor touts RM114.9b m... · 0 replies · +1 points

sendiri duduk exam, sendiri siap report card!

5 years ago @ Malay Mail - Zahid: Undersea tunnel... · 0 replies · +6 points

balik kampung made easy for sakit komedi...

5 years ago @ Malay Mail - Liverpool ‘macam... · 0 replies · +1 points

nampak sangat penonjolan diri sebagai peminat MU satu penipuan belaka! kenapa? well, baca lah apa yang dikata2 oleh pundit2 sekarang, José Mourinho telah menukar MU jadi satu team yang boring, membosankan. cara pemainan mereka amat negatif sekali, permainan memang kurang menarik tetapi tak boleh disangkal memang efektif, boleh dapat keputusan yang baik. setiap kali bertemu Liverpool yang bermain rancak, serangan bertalu2, tactic MU adalah 'park the bus' dan main 'long ball', counter attack. tu lah saja... sama sekali bertentangan dengan apa dikata si Jibab, 'tertarik dengan gaya permainan dan para pemainnya'!!!
sukan pun nak dipolitik!

5 years ago @ Malay Mail - Malay tsunami will not... · 0 replies · +2 points

“It (Malay tsunami) will not happen. It is a baseless allegation and if the non-Malays believe it, they ‘ll also be at the losing end,”
so it will be a losing end if BN is returned to power if there's no Malay tsunami?
it does not matter whom you vote if like you said, no Malay tsunami, BN will be in power, no? but if you say with no Malay tsunami, those who did not vote BN will be at a losing end, meaning BN will victimize them?

5 years ago @ Malay Mail - Why choose fatwa over ... · 0 replies · +5 points

Malaysia? we are a rojak state which is very flexible. it depends on who umno is friendly with, it also depends on how close the election is at any given time, oh, yes, it too depends on who the PM is talking to... well, you get the idea, ROJAK!

5 years ago @ Malay Mail - Pua: If even Mydin is ... · 1 reply · +13 points

if Malaysians are not buying groceries, are you saying we are buying our food from restaurants and food stalls or are you saying most Malaysians have stopped eating?
Like it or not, we HAVE to buy groceries for survival. we can do away with traveling, we can do away with buying cars etc. BUT we need to eat to survive. Malaysians ARE buying groceries from hypermarkets be it Mydin, Giant, Tesco etc. We are buying less because most of us do not have the same kind of spending power we used to have. cost of living indeed has increased compared to our salary which is either not improving or improving too little to cope!
People will spend on what is essential, like food (ie. groceries) but purchasing what we want depends on how much money we have left.
Tony Pua is RIGHT!

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“They know about the English revolution, the French revolution, the Russian revolution, about changing the government, but they did not know about elections until they studied Islamic history. Only then they could have elections," ??????????????????????
Voting has been used as a feature of democracy since the 6th century BC, when democracy was introduced by the Athenian democracy.