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Your work is beautiful.


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Perhaps the quintessential example of "transgressive" conceptual art would be the Piss Christ. I am not in any way a religious person, so it does not offend me culturally or religiously. It is deliberately offensive in a churlish manner that reminds me of an adolescent doing whatever is necessary to offend Mom and Dad. There is nothing "brave" about a transgressive work such as this--in the academic art world, it is entirely safe to offend Christians.

Now if Serrano had created a Piss Mohamed, that would have been an act of bravery. Still banal, but at least brave.

In terms of outsider art, I find some of it interesting and valuable. In other cases, my response tends to be that it is a shame that the artist didn't have the skill to express his or her meaning more effectively.

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I think we're in a similar place. I don't like banal, soulless, ugly, derivative art. That's what most conceptual art is. It also often pretends to be "transgressive" while being as safe and conventional as it is possible to be in an academic art context.

If you grab some object and incorporate it into an artwork in a manner that is original and interesting, I have absolutely no problem with that.

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I like lots of different kinds of art. Mostly I like visual art that looks like something (i.e., representational), but not always.

Finding a urinal and putting it in an art gallery was a fun joke a century ago. I see no reason to repeat the joke over and over. The repetition doesn't make it funnier or closer to being actual art.

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I do like some expressionist and abstract art. Most conceptual art impresses me as a bad joke.

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If you use lots of turps, then I'd strongly encourage you to make sure you have very good ventilation.

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He sure is. I've known some who find him kind of irritating, but I like opinionated people even when I disagree with them.

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I sure do.

Almost anyone can make a painting their mom will put up on her wall. It's harder to make one that a stranger will pay you money for the privilege of hanging.

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My name is David, actually. Not sure what you are asking about, as I don't suggest adding soap to paint. If you search on this site, you can find information on oil painting without solvents.

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In small amounts, this medium doesn't seem to speed or slow drying much (the black oil has lead, which acts as a drier, but the CB dries a little slow, so it seems to be basically a wash as far as I can tell). You can warm a jar of Canada balsam in a warm water bath.

I am not a big fan of alkyd mediums myself.