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it is the experts i worry about more than Boris.
at least Boris will have to answer to the public one day whereas the experts have to answer to no one

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that has been the problem from the start

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it would probably help if we had any faith in the thought process that goes behind all this.
the engine of the economy are offices yet we are last on the list so people will still work from home and believe me it is a nightmare for employers.

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and look how the chinese have infiltrated Zimbabwe and bought huge chunks of it.
well we werent there to compete.

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many years ago when my now 38 years old daughter was about 12 my third wife and i took her and a school girl friend on holiday to the south of france
i told them that if you took a huge basket full of written down items like those listed above and i sheet for each country in the world and awarded marks out of ten for each item for each country we would come top.
they looked at me as if i needed treatment!!
i still think i am right

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i will live with a weekend in Bognor Regis.

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the main point is that apart from fanning a few egos why are we doing it?
likewise the fortune on the high speed train going north and simply saving a bit of time on a journey.
by all means improve the railways in the northern wastelands but this money wont do that to any great extent.
improve all the network rather than a vanity project.

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Much depends on how close Boris is to her.
i have had 3 wives and my perception of how worldly wise the first 2 were meant that we never really got that close on how my business should be run.
my third has been with me for 28 years and is exceptional in all respects.
she runs and manages the business and is quite incredible at it.
however decision making as to how to preserve and develop the business remains with me although i discuss it with her for her input.
so i think it boils down to what notice Boris takes and the extent to which she influences him in taking steps he would not take without her.my first 2 wives had caused me to become fed up with my business whereas my third wife has transformed my love for it.
we will never know for sure the effect Carrie has had, is having or will have but i hope it is positive as i don't envy Boris his job at the moment.

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your comment is similar to many i have seen on this site.
in a perverse way his conduct and that of some of his clique helped get us Boris and out of the EU.
i know a lot of conservatives are not happy with what Boris has achieved but he did rather inherit a poisoned chalice.

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it is a good idea to have a period of reduction contingent on good behaviour.
some of the inhabitants of these prisons are frisky.
i remember visiting a client on a murder charge in Belmarsh.
he was in a secure unit but i had read prior to a visit of riots in the general area.
getting to my client involved an internal car ride and on the way back there were 2 wardens in the car one male one female.
i was accompanied by a very pleasant Asian solicitor.
on the way i asked the wardens what had happened to the riot as it all seemed as normal.
the man said they sorted it out by sending in the dogs.
the Asian solicitor said that must have been nice for the inmates as some may not have seen a woman for some months.
as a white male i wonder if i would have got away with a joke like that.!!!