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"If we are doing things right and our company founders are successful, then over the long run we should be successful. If we get to the point where our founders are successful but we can't be, we should be rethinking our business."

That's all that needs to be said. The TC piece was a joke.

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Thanks for the clarifications, with the added context your comments make a lot of sense and are certainly things that need to be considered.

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Perhaps you've never filed a patent...
1) The current fee is far less than that, and doesn't get more expensive over time.
2) The times suggested are from the grant date, not the application date, as are all patent grants.
3) They already do this, overwhelming the patent office. The problem is the patents are then granted. This sliding scale makes that model untenable.
4) I don't see what this has to do with it.

Like I said, I don't think you've ever filed a patent. You should, it's fun. Costs about 10-15K per patent from any competent counsel.

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We are not a "first to invent" system -- first to file is what matters for patents, being first to invent only matters when it comes to invalidating. it's not like the first to invent gets to take ownership of someone else's patent, they can simply (and at great cost) work to have it invalidated.

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I don't think you need a VC panel, just a VC / Angel sponsor. NVCA can take care of accreditation.

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If someone has $250,000 to buy their way into this country, then they have money to spend living here in this country and can buy what I'm selling.

Immigrants with $250K to burn are not the people that the anti-immigration-reform folks worry will take their jobs or work at a lower wage or ruin our hospitals.

So moot point.

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Lawyers are not highly incentivized to streamline their work and create standard docs for use. Not to mention that these term-sheets, while called "ideal first round term sheets" are really only ideal for naive first-time entrepreneurs.

Call me bitter, but I just don't see this happening, and frankly, I don't see the value. First-round deals are already fairly straightforward when the angels haven't screwed up the cap table. And when they have, these docs won't save you.

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Proud to say I've read all three -- Zen a few times, and Atlas Shrugged a few times.

To add one to the list... Once you've done the entrepreneur thing for a while and decide you want a break before jumping back in, read "Honeymoon with my brother."

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It's poorly named, but it allows the driver to adjust the front-passenger seat settings (like moving it forward, back, etc.) using the controls on the driver-side door. It should have really been called the "Chauffeur Function" or something.

It'd be used if you were a chauffeur and wanted to move the passenger seat way up to provide a lot of leg room for the person in the back; towncar style. I suppose you could try to be all slick and move your lady's seat backwards or forwards for comfort, but it's not that slick since she'd see the display read the super annoying "Gentleman Function" -- Or maybe it'd be a nice hint. :-)

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I should speak more clearly, even when relaxing in the break room. :-) Nice interview and write-up. We enjoyed having you over.