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Ever since the city started bragging about all the "free" money we were going to get from FEMA for Sinclair, etc., it seems like FEMA is all of a sudden putting the brakes on, big time.

I'm sure it's all just a coincidence.

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Too bad. Those used to be some of the nicest and largest apartments in CR.

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If a state's voters decided to outlaw blacks or females, their vote would be overturned as unconstitutional, and rightfully so. It's the same here. It doesn't matter how many voted for it; it's still discrimination against a class of people (gays) and should be ruled out of order.

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Why not build a level of staff parking at the ground level, with 2nd Avenue going through. Then put the "mall" parts of the building on the second floor on up, over 2nd Avenue? Once inside, you wouldn't notice a difference. Sort of like the medical building next door on 1st Avenue ... parking on the ground level, offices above?

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The fact they can state "this has nothing to do with a 2012 presidential run" with a straight face is one of the reasons politicians have lost all credibility.

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School's out for summer. That's when all the major cleaning happens. Kids should have taken their personal stuff home when the semester ended.

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Wish I could have afforded $85 socks when I went to Iowa. But I was just a student, not a student/athlete.

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Finally, some sanity has arrived. I wonder if FEMA would gave downgraded these projects if the council hadn't bragged about all the "free" money they'd be getting from FEMA for those projects. Sort of put FEMA in a position of having to do something to keep from looking like pushovers.

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If the council ignores what the voters approved, how will they ever expect us to believe them next time they ask us to vote for a tax or bond issue? Trust is very hard to gain, but so easy to lose.

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So these are LOST dollars that would have gone towards something that might actually benefit the kids, such as air-conditioning the schools? What a waste. I don't think that's why people voted for the LOST, and is probably why they'll never renew it. Missed promises.