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Time for an ouside agency look from the Federal Side USDOJ... How is any death acceptable when a helpless child is involved??

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Did they use or sound the alarm system they installed for just these issues (Escapes) to alert nearby residents?

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You make a very valid point it's all about correct balance.

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Use the interlocks with a camera...However like life nothing is 100 fool proof ...As far as immigration status, that should be determined or subject him through records check (Charged with Felonies-two counts of child abuse because there were two children in the car.) at MDC...As far as state records go a recent arrest of a Female 45 years old in Rapid City South Dakota is up there passed out in a stolen delivery van with a blood alcohol content of .708 nearly nine times the legal limit .

http://trac.syr.edu/immigration/reports/155/ (Informational only)!

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After investigation ... I do not believe the home owner will or should be charged... Action beats reaction everytime - in this case speaks louder than words......The offender however (Agg Burglary due to weapon-and potentially many more charges).

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Good Place for her to be until she goes to trial...How can anyone smirk and smile (where is the remorse) after critically injuring her daughter?

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This is terrible - Suggestion: I would check the Surveillance videos (if they have) of the "Circle-K on Gun Club & Coors, the Whatta Burger joint next to due south both are close to this area, for a possible ID of offenders as they may have stopped in here in these locations - first if on foot...a quick time period day of offense…depending upon where the trail led into Valley Gardens the offender would have to hop a fences into a backyard along the ditch bank behind the Circle-K that runs south of Gun Club road adjacent to Valley Gardens toward Don Felipe (SB) - ditch used to be wide enough for a unit to drive down.

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The criminal injustice system at work again?

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Whomever at Holloman AFB that turned this imposter in did a needed service before others were duped or worse yet left standing in the wake of criminal actions...Thank YOU! I am a Veteran Retired.. How can someone be on a police department I realize small and go through a background check-Law Enforcement academy and be certified an in the State Of New Mexico? That is one heck of a promotion from E-5 to O-7 BGEN..It's sad that honor and truth are at stake again -I guess verification of applicants and when they are going to pull true reserve duty should be verified through the services and DOD there are checks and balances in place for this a phone call or email away (Verification). Good men don't do things like this, instead they have character-honesty-credibility -integrity to the public they serve. "It is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth -- and listen to the song of that syren, till she transforms us into beasts. ... Are we disposed to be of the number of those, who having eyes, see not, and having ears, hear not?" --Patrick Henry

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You did the right thing by calling (Safety of your unborn child and yourself. Good luck with finding a new place and stay strong and know inside you may have saved tow lives by your actions.