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That is, of course, 10.6.1.

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Nice interview, and it looked very clean and sharp considering you and Cali were in different locations. Did you use the double ender technique she talked about recently? I'm still not sold that Snow Leopard will do me more good than harm. I've got my copy, it's still shrink wrapped and staring at me. For one thing, I've got the same kind of mini display Cali said was incompatible (at least until a driver update). So I know that would get knocked out. And it seems like there's a lot of stuff that could potentially stop working. I may hold off until 8.6.1 is available.

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The site looks good, Chris. Glad to see you back at it, and I'm looking forward to seeing some new posts from you.

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The amazing thing here is that this survey is reporting results based solely on traffic through the twitter.com site. Most people who stick with Twitter more than a few weeks wind up using a third-party application (on either computers or phones) to read and post, not the web site. Those are apparently not factored into this report, which is like giving television ratings based only on people watching on Magnavox TVs. It skews the results in a way that reveals the survey organization really doesn't understand what they are studying.

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Nicely done, Chris. Even angry, you're actually still pretty coherent (and clear thinking). Special thanks for giving honest work to one of my favorite words, defenestrate.

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I first found you on Twitter, during maybe your first @reply conversation with Neal and Cali. I started following you shortly thereafter. Whenever someone starts following me on Twitter, I'm interested in how they decided to follow me. Cali was the first person to follow me on Twitter, and I think I can trace most of my Follows either to the fact that she follows me, or when she or Neal @replies to me.

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With 9 1/2 years of post-secondary behind me, after a while, finals just started to feel like a weird, several-times-a-year holiday season. One year I found myself building a 4000-gallon fish pond during finals week. I'd get up, splash around for a few hours, dry off and drive to campus, take the test, then go back to splashing. It all worked out. Good luck, Chris. I know you'll do well. Don't make yourself sick over it.

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Jeff, thanks to you, I've finally got the Woopra Desktop app running. Very good directions; there was just one point where my computer didn't match your directions. On a right-click on the .dmg, I didn't get an option for "Show Package Contents". This may well be configuration issue on my machine, since no one else ran into this. I was able to just directly edit the .dmg file using TextEdit, which worked fine. Thanks again!

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You have a beautiful family, Jeff. Thanks for sharing.

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Twitter is definitely my social network of choice. I'm not on MySpace or Facebook, and I visit YouTube and Digg pretty infrequently. But I'm on Twitter almost constantly through my day. I try to read every tweet from everyone I follow, and often follow posted links to some very good stuff.