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Barack Obama will not allow a child to live after it survives an abortion. He condones and supports the genocide of black babies. 40% of all black babies are murdered in the womb overall and 60% of black babies in NYC are murdered by their mothers. More blacks are murdered in the womb by their mothers than by any other cause.

BO is already planning to murder his own grandchildren. have you ever noticed - as the Komen foundation now has_ that the only choice allowed is murder? if you are pregnant and don't want an aboriton PP doesn want to waste any time on you. So Pro Death it is!

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You are right ... there are no pro-abortion people: only pro death people. Like B.O. who has never met a baby he didn't want dead.

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Ok, let's make it simple - you get one abortion; the second one is a hysterectomy. Problem solved.

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Fox is going to be losing money hand over fist when they place themselves squarely in last place in the Libtard camp. They are killing their only goose that lays the golden egg.

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technically Pot has never been banned - it is just illegal. Alcohol was officially Banned. There is a difference.

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Ok... the link I followed said that Ben Smith would write what he was told and that does not appear in this anywhere that I can see. Greg Sargent yes but smith no... what's up with that?

help me with this - highlight it for me or something.

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actually - it is about the absolute need the left has to kill babies.... nothing else matters to them if they can't kill babies. it is who they are!!!!

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This next restoring thing that he is doing is starting to show that Beck get's into a groove and can't get out again. It's sad really.

I was a Beck supporter for a good long time but he has been getting flakier with each passing day. I also noticed that his health is going downhill - that might explain his obsession with leaving some legacy behind.

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Except that Glenn himself has said that he is responsible for anything and everything that goes out under his label.

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What you should care about is how intrusive govt. is getting. This tells you there is no area of life that they will not oversee and proscribe.

Personally, I hope more/all porn stars die of AIDS. The sooner they are gone the better but let them die of natural porn causes.