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omg... what the heck happened to the wishlist?!!! WHEN did this happen??? **SOB*** Noooooooooo!!!! I just lost all my really old items from back in the early 00s - they're just *poof* GONE!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHH :'( My list went from literally 45 items to *9* NINE!!!!!!!

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Agree with this 100% - even back in 2011, while they were still using better, more natural fabrics, there were already starting to be weird fit issues. I still have my Cabled Camellia Pullover though and I *still* get compliments on it. It looks brand new (100% wool) and still beautiful and classic.

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Very sorry to hear about your father's health. That must be so incredibly stressful. Wishing him well and sending you good thougohts.

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I have to add that one weird thing I noticed is that the Poette Silk blouse uses an exact pattern that was used by Marc Jacobs 1 or 2 seasons ago for some blouses and a skirt, I believe... kind of strange they would recycle that since it's very distinctive with the bats.

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So very excited to see some of the fall items looking like old-school Anthro the way I remember and love it. Cotton, cotton-silk blends and wool blends again. It's the first time in YEARS that I can actually see myself buying a few of these instead of hemming and hawing and building a sad wishlist that I know I'll never be motivated enough to bother with.

I did try on the Mlile Sweatshirt and it is super adorable on, just not a great work option for me because of the casual look of the sleeves, so going to wait on it.

Also loving the return of attention to details and old beloved labels - Wendi Reid's Field flower has got that nailed with it's lovely back-buttoned, muted fall tones Liatris Floral top. can't wait for this to hit stores so I can try it on - it will likely come home with me immediately unless there are serious fit issues.

Early bird midi skirt - working the old school Anthro whimsy, in cotton no less! Again, just waiting for this to hit stores so I can try on.

Zinnia buttondown - that classic Anthro detailing and artistry that used to make people ask - 'Where'd you get THAT TOP???!"

Balloon-sleeve Pullover - LOVE LOVE those awesome bell sleeves (though they could have used better fabric on this one)

Also loving (but less practical) - Mireille Silk Maxi dress, Wild West Tee (i'm a sucker for anything with cacti), Grand floral midi skirt.

My only continual complaint is the online exclusives, which seem to be annoyingly growing in number with every season that passes- ARE YOU LISTENING ANTHRO? I WILL NOT PAY SHIPPING TO CANADA + DUTY + US DOLLARS FOR SOMETHING THAT I HAVE NO IDEA IF IT WILL FIT ME OR NOT!!! Please, if you have to have online exclusives can't you make them the more exclusive/expensive items, instead of things that just seem like every day tops and skirts and dresses??? UGH.

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Happy early birthday Teresa! :) Btw - have you noticed they're *finally* getting back to natural fibres? I thought the day would never come! And there's still some fit/style/cut issues, but lots more 100% cotton, silk and blends this season - very nice change. Hope you're doing well!

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OMG! Yes!!! I thought it was just my Mac acting up last night, but yeah... You can't zoom in to the clothing anymore. It's like, you click on the zoom and it zooms like 0.005% or something ridiculous like that. Seriously, WHAT the heck is going on at Anthro...???

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Totally OT, but this was weird - I just went to add something to my Anthro wishlist and got a message saying I couldn't add until I reduced my wishlist to less than 50 items or else to choose a different wishlist. So annoying!! Is that something really new? Will they be deleting old wishlist items too?? Aargh...

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We've had chip card readers for credit card transactions in Canada for *several* years, I'd say probably 4 or 5 at *least*. This article says approx. 2008:

When I call a shop and give my credit card info to make a purchase it has never been an issue. They verify with the 3-digit cvc code on the back instead of requiring signature. I've never had a store tell me they can't do the transaction over the phone, and that's for both in-store pick up as well as shipped to my address.

Fraud concerns were mainly with PayPass/contact-less when that came out:

All chip transactions in-person always require a 4-digit PIN entry and NEVER require a signature, except (funnily enough) at U.S. based retailers that are new-ish to the Canadian landscape (e.g. Loft or Ann Taylor) or smaller mom-and-pop shops.

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it's just a personal preference. Though increasingly hard to find, there are still retailers that will use high quality merino wool, virgin wool, cashmere, cotton and silk and cost within the same price range. For me the 'designer' label is less important so long as the 'design' is there. To be fair, I noticed the same thing with a 'new arrival' Anna Sui dress in the ~$500 price range - her stuff has almost always been 100% silk especially at that price point, and again - it was I believe polyester (or some other synthetic). I'm just totally done with that. I think it's ridiculous and won't pay those prices just for the 'name' on the label unless the materials are high quality enough to justify it. Again, totally a personal preference/pet peeve.