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I grew up listing to Michael Jacksons music, and he was and still is one of my most favourite artists, and I shall grow old listening to the wonderful legacy he has left behind. Michael Jackson may not be walking among us but is still alive in the hearts of those that loved him and his music. It is a very tragic end to a very tormented soul, hounded by the press and forced to live the life he lead up until his death. He is a legend and will live on through his music. All the conspiracy theories that he is still alive, are just that theories, but reading about the inconsistencies that are floating around the internet do give some credit to the fact that it is possible he faked his death. Unfortunately that is something we will never find out, like Elvis, it is just a mystery. I truly hope that he faked his death and is still alive out there but we will never know. But we should all stop this relentless hounding and leave him to rest in peace, alive or in death, and let his family mourn him in private. We will all miss you MJ, King of Pop. R.I.P.

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I do believe that it could be the lost city of atlantis, other than the obvious fact that it seems to be in the perfect place. It seems fairly clear that google are just trying to cover it up, cause where they say "the image is an artifact of the data collection process, not the city of Atlantis. Boats use sonar to take measurements of the seafloor and the lines shown reflect the path of the boat as it gathers the data." If that statement is true then surely there would be more "lines that reflect the path of the boats" all over the sea in google earth. The fact that this is the only one that has been found, and its location quite significant, makes me think that there is definately something down there. Most likely the lost city of atlantis. I hope that it gets explored, maybe we will get answers.