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Dan Warne
Deputy Editor/Australian Business Traveller

Phone +61 (0) 421 027 293
Email dan@ausbt.com.au
Web www.ausbt.com.au

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Dan Warne
Online Editor, APC | Journalist, Qantas Magazine
Click for contact details:<a href="http://danwarne.com/danwarne.vcf
http://danwarne.com/danwarne.vcf<br />
Address for deliveries
APC Magazine
Level 18, Civic Building
66-68 Goulburn St
Sydney, NSW, 2000

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OK, I feel stupid now.. thanks tcn33 & Asher for the info!!! My life is improved from this point forward!

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Agreed John. It really was a massive mistake. If I was in Virgin Blue marketing I think I would have escalated it immediately to CEO level and figured out what could be done to soften the blow for members. I agree that a single entry pass to the lounge would have been a good idea -- Qantas does this for anyone who achieves silver membership, which is reportedly 40% of passengers flying with Qantas at any one time.

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Good point Vincent... Libby's latest post looks at some of these sugar alternatives. Agave isn't necessarily as good as you might think it is, because although it is low GI, it is so because it is high fructose -- which puts a strain on the liver if eaten in large quantities. You can read the post about sweeteners here: http://lowgicooking.com/sweeteners/

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Verrry interesting. It's an Apple conspiracy against me!!! Or time to delete my Apple Mail preferences and start again perhaps...! Thanks for letting me know Troy... hope you are well :->

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That is indeed very interesting Duncan!! What version of OS X are you running?

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Hi Mike, Libby's husband Dan here. I've reinstated the "print friendly" plug in which had deactivated by itself for some reason (probably when we updated the plugins at some point) so there should now be a "print friendly" button at the bottom of each article. Hope this works for you!!

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Thanks for the helpful comments Gary!

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Awesome Jeff, thanks very much for the recommendation. Will download
it and take it for a spin.