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Im guess its cosa nostra.

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Even if the economy wasnt slipping gradually into poor state status, Culver would still be the worste govenor. I thought i'd never say this but I miss Bradshaw.

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I would let a stranger in my care. if it were a girl and it was downtown on football saturday in Iowa City!!!

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Its so clear that the cops are taking marijuana out of the evidence room. Yes, they probably use it for "set-ups" but where does the rest of the evidence go? After they set soomeone up they have to put the marijuana back in the evidence rooms........but they dont put all of it back. My theory is that they re-sell it to other drug dealers that have them certain police officers on there "books". Can anyone say Mafioso?

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Damn hollywood movie makers! First come the movies. Then come the hookers!.......Shaking their money makers all over the place. Wiggling all around on our sidewalks while pimps slapping them in the face......lets cut to the chase. Its all about the booty for money!!!! : P

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actually i looked up her myspace account and she's really pretty. i dont know why she would do that.

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yeah thats why 13-14 states already legallized it.........hm, seems to be working fine. : )

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you can sell just like cigerettes. what makes you think you cant grow tobacco in your basement?

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what a bunch of idiots. keeping it in the flood plains