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Depending on which conferences you're skipping it could be a lot more than $500 :).

But yes, I think it would indeed be very cool. Then we could see some trending topics like #addressingpoverty #mentoringkids #feedingthehungry #cleaningupmyneighborhood #lovingpeople #bridgingdivides. Now I have rapidly approached the point of talking too much, so I'll stop - thanks for asking the question.

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Agreed - although I'll keep pushing. We seem to be afraid people wont' "actually" (to use your language) spend their time as you and I are talking about. And therefore we don't release ourselves (I wont' say "them") to do it. I'd like to see the mothers and fathers of the church lead the way, stop the madness. We've got a system steeped in leadership principles and it's created a ton of followers for better or worse - some will need to see it modeled, and be freed from distractions (even well intentioned/valuable ones like conferences, book tours, bible studies) in order to "actually" pursue the building of the kingdom and the restoring of the world to rights.

I think this relates to our weekly gatherings as well, ironically called services, that often become a big vacuum of time and resource. I know the purpose of this blog is to launch a church, I hope your community will have the courage to take some moratoriums from christian activities to expend some effort in communities near and far. And I hope my life and community reflects it too. Not throwing stones here, wish you all the best.

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I'd encourage church leaders and christians to push pause for a year on conferences and spend those hours, days, and weeks on initiatives that tangibly change the world for the better. I'm not saying there isn't value in gatherings like the nines (whether they be in person or virtual) - but there sure are a lot of them. In fact many of the thought leaders that shared today have and will make the rounds to many other conferences with a slightly different brand/focus/audience than the one today. We have an entire industry that is "ministry" conferences. I find that an interesting concept to chew on.

My question is this, couldn't that time be better spent? Talking matters, I believe in the power of ideas to change the world. I think the church has that one down though - we're good at it, no need to keep proving the point. Funnel that time and money into other things for a year - then gather for a conference and talk about what happened, not what might happen.

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This will actually be happening about two blocks from my apartment in two weeks:


And did you happen to also notice the hero of all of our adolescent mix tapes - the one and only Gin Blossoms - will be performing.

I think I've made my case.

So, tell that baby to hurry up, pack up the car, bring your t-shirt, and let's stomp some grapes.

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@yooper - it is in a book. It's called "Love is an Orientation" by Andrew Marin. Check out his website: http://www.loveisanorientation.com/

I'm not a Lutheran, but with all your denomination has dealt with on this issue recently I would encourage anyone forming an opinion - and more importantly deciding how you're going to live and co-exist and love now that the decision has been made - to read his book.

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I would love a copy. Especially as a leader in my 20's I often feel that I see the world as a post-modern, but it is spoken about almost as a curse word in many church circles. It'd be great to hear his take on reconciling that way of processing the world with the Gospel.