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Gread advice...like always! Really like the "stop editing and start writing" advice. The problem with me is that sometimes, I forget to go back and edit :-)
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El, I love it! I think I have been playing a little too much and I have been having a hard time keeping up with my blogs lately. I will take your advie and shut down.. i think I will pick up a book (a real book) haven't done that in a while :-)
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Thanks El. Love the series so far! You make a great point about the planning phase. This is an area that I will be working on improving as i move forward. I usually get an idea and then just start writing.. Looking forward to reading Digital Escapolgy soon!!
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Great advice El, like always! Not sure I upset anyone on this blog but perhaps on my career blog I may be pushing my resume writing service a bit to hard. On my career blog I am currently working on creating an awesome information product that I will giving away to new subscribers and one that I will be selling. I will be keeping your words of wisdom in mind when creating the sales page.
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El- Your really hit the nail on the head with this post. Each and every week, I create 2 lists. One is for things that MUST be done and the other is for things that I would like to get done. Finding times is a challenge for me, like you, I have kids and a family that takes up a lot of time. Additionally, my career blog that acts as a storefront for my resume writing service has been taking up most of my time.

On a side note, I am VERY grateful for the awesome content that you have been providing for TycoonBlogger.com. Without you over the past couple of months, this blog would be a ghost town..

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Great stuff El. I signed up and looking forward to leaqrning more about this initiative.

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wow, that is strange. i just got a 404 error as well. I would be very surprised because I know how much work John put into the site...plus, he could of sold it if he was no longer interested in running it. I will ask him on Twitter and see if I can find out what is happening.

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El, I love the "10 minute task" concept. I was just going over this concept in my day job. As a recruiter I often put myself in the shoes of a potential candidate and most companies have a terrible online application process and a large percentage of applicants fall off before they ever actually apply for the job. Great points and great questions to ask yourself..
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Hi Dick - To be honest I am not quite sure about the SEO aspect of ET. I will tell you that since I switched to Canvas from Woothemes, all 3 of my blogs have increased in PR. Again, that is just my personal take.

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Love it El. In my opinion the about me page can make or break your blog. Great tips. I have been meaning to update mine for a while and will look to incorporate these tips.