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I totally agree with you, Dom_Cloangelo. First of all she just isn't that intelligent. She plays with interesting and colorful words, but the ideas are totally vapid. But the thing that really pisses me off is how she discovered that people would actually know who "Kathleen Parker" is if she attacked Sarah Palin (being a nominal conservative). And now everyone knows her name! Look at her career soar! Well, the fact is, nobody actually cares about what you have to say unless you happen to going off on another unhinged rant about Palin.

Note to BH: don't publish her stuff. I don't care if this post is good or not. And it is not that I am against having people with different opinions post. Hell, get Bill Maher to post here for all I care. But this woman is a lowlife simpleton who acted disgracefully towards someone whom a lot of the readership likes. I think she is kind of persona non grata here.

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He overplayed his bluff big time. He just made it obvious that not only does he know who you are, but he is familiar with what you have to say about him.

PS: Is you mom not feeling well or something?

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He still has that right to voice his opinion. Once that is taken away, I will speak against it. But that is not what happened.

I agree that the UK is becoming a bit of a joke now and seems hell-bent on its own destruction. But the USA is one of the only countries in the world to have free speech (including UK, Canada, Germany, France to name a few), so this should come as no surprise to anyone.

I just think that if I am going to speak out against the UK's self-destructive instinct, it will not be under the banner of Savage's publicity stunt. This guy does more harm to the conservative movement than good.

UPDATE: I will explicitly say, though, that I definitely disagree with the UK's move of banning him (lest it seem that I'm neutral about the issue). And if this gets people to realize the totalitarian nature of the Left, then great. I just want no part in the publicity stunt that Savage is starting to pull off.

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Heh, yeah, I'm hesitant to rush to Savage's aid and give him more prominence in the Conservative movement.

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The so-called conservatives of this era would gladly preside over the death of the democracy they purport to love, so long as they can have the reins of a totalitarian government

I have never heard any decent explanation of the idea that Conservatives are seeking a totalitarian government. When voters put a Conservative in office, they expect that person to shrink the size of government. That is, to take power away from the government. When Liberals vote someone in, they expect that person to grow government, or increase the power of the government.

How on earth does the group that wants to lessen the power of government have Totalitarian tendencies? The cognitive dissonance of this assertion is astounding.

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Wow, this is one of the best posts I have ever seen here. Please post more!

I think these concepts that fall more into the realm of political philosophy need to be addressed more by folks. Often the Right gets too caught up in the political events of the moment, and forgets to discuss the greater issues at stake.

Also, I admire how you don't assume that the typical American is a moron who would not understand the ideas of De Tocqueville and Madison, or the concept of liberty vs. equality. It is common for writers and politicians to assume that the Average Joe is too stupid or doesn't have the attention span to understand such deep ideas. This is excellent stuff. It is rhetoric like this that will awaken people once again to the ideas that the Founding Fathers had in mind when they created this nation.

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Everybody Lay off Janeane!


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Again, it might not be "fair" that he got kicked off, but USC was perfectly within their rights to do so. It is private property. At any point they can ask you to leave--for any reason.

To complain that they kick off people from the right and welcome people from the left would be a great line to take. I remember reading somewhere recently about how speakers from the right have to hire bodyguards when they go on campuses now. This is insane.

But it does not help the issue to make false claims about constitutional rights being taken away.

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Yes, I agree that if he was from the left they would not have kicked him off; instead he would have been a hero and a man for our times, etc...

But the simple fact is that he is complaining about his violated rights and so forth. This is just not true. We on the right need to be very sober and honest about things so that people see us and recognize that we embrace the truth, not partisan crap.

We complain all the time that the Left uses lines from the Constitution out of context and for their own political benefit. And they do that all the time. I hate it. Well this is what Ziegler is doing here. To tell you the truth, it bugs me just as much. I love Palin, and despise what Couric did to her. But I love the Constitution even more.