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Hey klj1! I was thinking about this and I wondered if they still had it at my store. The do! Is it this one, sort of a sheer dress- it's called the Midori Duster from Maeve. 49.95 on sale. They have 2 smalls at my store.

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There are always a few nice things I can convince myself I need. But only when I can find them in store, which is rare, or when some other schmo ordered online and made a return. (I have to say, there must be someone in Montreal with similar taste to mine because I frequently find online-only things in the sale section in my size- thank you mystery returner!)

Saw a lovely grid top in store and had to buy it- the Epstein Structured Top is really nice and substantial and *only* 78 CAD (68 US). It's just what I've been looking for, and it`s neither shapeless, oversized, or cropped!

There's a lovely dress that seems to have sold out very quickly online- the knit turtleneck midi dress. I hope that means they`ll restock and actually ship it to Canadian stores!

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Yay- the Nico maxi dress is mine!! Been waiting for sale for months!

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This is so sad. Even though some of the clothing still occcasionally hits the mark (I'm looking at you, Susan Ruffled Pullover...) (not that I can count on finding them in my local store), but the styling and models are so lacking in any inspiration or fun. There`s just no character left! I mean, there have always been some crazy pieces and flops at Anthro (fit, fabric etc) but at least there were cool styling options and combinations that might make you look twice at something. They've so lost their way. I look at the new arrivals page and see a weird mish-mash of other retailers styles. No personality.

There are 25th anniversary parties happening at stores and just feels like there`s nothing to celebrate. But my local store does great workshops and events! I just wish they got more clothing options to draw me in regularly...

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Yay promos! I tried on the embroidered cadiz blouse last week- they had one left in store- but luckily it was still on the onesies rack today! The embroidery is really well done and takes the mesh top to the next level. I have an idea to improve the sleeves a bit...

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I also like how 'anniversary' is used as a verb here...

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Not sure how work appropriate rolled-up chinos are! But I love the colour and length of the Annika lace dress!

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Now it's called the Chino Apron Midi-dress. I miss when anthro had fun with names...

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They brought back the Emory dress in a denim/chambray for fall. I bought the black version this spring and it's a gorgeous figure-flattering midi, with just the right level of quirk.

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You guys, I found the best shirt in the tag sale. I was totally attracted to the rust colour and voluminous sleeves on the Ginnie tied-sleeve tunic but the overall effect was just a boring lump. Well, I thought about it a bit and went back to pick it up, unstitched the center seam in about 1 minute, and now it's the most awesome layering option- it works as an open coat/duster with a sleek dress or over jeans and can be crossed over and worn as a shirt tucked in...I love it! The puffy tied sleeves in linen feel very 19th century peasant. It's a perfect modern anthro piece.

I also was thrilled to find the Caprera embroidered off-the-shoulder top from Cloth and Stone- I was hoping to catch that one on sale. You can wear it on or off the shoulders and of course it's super soft (I love Cloth and Stone!)