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I came over to read and say, "hi!" I read this one yesterday, got distracted, and never commented. (Yeah, scatterbrained.) I can't believe you did all that while sick! What do you accomplish when you're NOT sick?!

You're finished with all your exams now, yes? Hope all went well!

I read that racist site the other day....felt kinda tricked at the end. But guess that was the point! Don't know why people have to disciminate....

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Holy....something...It's cold there. I think I caught a sympathy bug as I have been under the weather, too. Only, mine's a cold. I hope you are feeling better soon (and your husband's truck is, too.) Your schools are out for a long time there. We have school all this week. They return Jan. 5, too.

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Macs are expensive, but maybe someone's running a special out there--no payments until the economy gets better? Seriously, though, maybe you can find a good deal somewhere!

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Yeah Terra! Great job on your classes!
That's too bad about your photos. I've had that happen before, and it does feel like a real loss....Feels like a house fire in your brain.

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Hey! Well, I finally got the analyzer to work. It said I was an ISFP - gentle and compassionate type....I think it got my blog confused with yours!! LOL! You're much more compassionate than me!

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Wow. She's a teen and that's her FIRST sinus infection? Good luck with your last final!

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That's a nice post. It's nice that you peacefully disagree. If everyone were like that, perhaps we would have peace in the world!

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Cool idea, but I couldn't get it to work for my blog--or any of the blogs I typed in....It said, unable to connect. Socket error. Of course, I know those types of "tests" are just for fun and grins. But it would be interesting to know the words and/or phrases it searches for....

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If you can't talk to the person via phone, ask for an e-mail address. If that doesn't work, send a letter to the physical address and the executive's name.

If you're still not getting the help you need, file a complaint with the governmental agency that regulates the company. (If you don't know this, contact--by e-mail or phone-your state representative and ask him or her who is responsible for regulating the company in question.)

Hope this helps you or anyone else who's having problem with lemons or low-quality products.

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Ah! Great. I tried to post you a note about this earlier. Jeez. You haven't had that computer long at all.

I hate it when companies try to sell extended warranties. I feel like saying, if your product doesn't last 5 years without need warranty service, then I don't want it. OK. So a guy I used to work with--he's in law school--wrote a newspaper article called, "How to reach someone who really can give you a hand." It's good advice for products and services that you've purchased. It's not on the Internet anymore, but I'll try to post the info here. If you want to reach someone in the company who matters, don't call the 800-HELP-NUMBER. go to www.hoovers.comand type in the company name. Most large companies (like Sony) will have the corporate office, executive officers, tel. and physical address. Try calling first and asking for "executive customer service." Or, try asking for one of the executive's peronal names. Tell them what happened with THEIR product.

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