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Manka! This is great! I am so freaking excited!!!

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ugh what am I going to do without these they are always so #relevant

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I SCREAMED when I saw lesbian Yara but then I remembered the mortality rate of tv lesbians :///

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my mom got angry at me shipping Dany and Yara.
"Not every tv character is gay. Maybe they are just strong women being good friends!"
"MOTHER She literally said SHE WOULD MARRY DANY"

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brb, crying
I'm trying not to be a lapsed Catholic but man...college is tough.

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ohhh my goodness
I faint from periods regularly (Plus, anemia, so it's not a good situation for anyone), painkillers don't work, but my mother doesn't want me to get checked out by an OBGYN because I'm not sexually active. Anyways, she says that pregnancy is the only cure, and that hers were worse but she dealt with it.
I'm an 18 year old Catholic celibate lesbian, babies aren't exactly in my immediate future, so I finally put my foot down and made the appointment, to her horror.
This piece is exactly what I need right now. Thank you.

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Jeremy and Clarkson.
oh my.

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Good morning lovelies!
I woke up this morning with an all encompassing urge to turn all my tshirts into crop tops so this is a thing that is happening

(Also I get to see my boyfriend in a month and the bus ticket is only 5 dollars the universe has smiled upon these Young Teenagers in Love)

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I'm not graduated yet, my language was misleading
same difference