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Umm, check that fact about the way of life back then, believe me, moses was doing the same thing. Its not our place to tell other religions what is right and what is wrong. Personally i thinks is kinda weird with the whole child issue, but for example, when your average life expentancy is in the mid 30's having children at 15 is equal to us American having children at 30-40 yrs old, the ratio is the same and the game is survival of your kind. If Africans didnt have so many kids, Africa would soon be lost as well. And if anyone is ok with that, they need to seriosly re-evaluate their views and if they really follow the blind book of faiththat they claim to.
Im still sticking with the idea that everyone is fighting in the name of god , so it must be this God is needs to be eliminated. People are just so afraid to be alone, they dont know what the afterlife is, so they try to earn their way to the heavens. Everyone pretends to understand God, but that is a paradigm in itself. If you God in that easily understood, then i dont want anythign to do with it. My God if any is all things dead and alive , all the awarenesses combined, the universe and all energies, and the scope of this god goes beyond the scale of negative infinity to positive infinity

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Good common people are people who are not greedy, people who dont want to take what you have, people that do not try to accumulate mass wealth at the expense of others. People who honestly care about one another. I teach my kids these days that they do not want to be the president, becasue i let them know how it really is, that the pres is just a puppet, and when the puppet stays to far, they kill em.

I feel sorry for bankers, they are going to be the new badguys and thanks to the internet more and mroe people are waking up realizing this.
Anyone have proof that the blank check bailout was limited to under 1 trillion? No, but the proof is out there that almost 10 trillion has been stolen right out from underr our noses. Gov't loans to the banks converted to stock for controlling interest is pretty good proof of where America is headed as well.

"Yes We Can", but not you common peoples.
Unfortunatley i fell for the bama trap too and he got my vote, but never again. We dont have a real voice, the only thing we have is a free internet, and thats not going to last too long wither becasue the elite know it is putting huge dents into the agendas.

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Nope, just 100% white dude from the USA who has to deal with the majority who think gov't corruption is just not possible, jesus is white, and mulims are out to kill America.

What is so perfect is the fact that my comment must be getting read by alot, im getting tons of messages verifying this fact. Sounds like my messages are what people are seeing and getting upset over. Its nice to see so many people getting their blood pressure in a bunch.

Fact is im not athiest, nor do i believe in an allah, jesus yaweh or any other mythical god that seems to have to world up in arms ready to kill eachother.

Im learning to inherit the bankers attitudes, ill just sit back let everyone kill eachother off, then ill be the one claiming some land for me and my family.

My best advide is for some of you to find some salvia divinorum, meditate with it and let god come to you so you know this is just the stage, to sort out the people who see reality for what it really is. When you can shame youself, by yourself, to your inner voice, you know you got a good lesson. Especially when your reality breaks down into the most basic universal components. Who knows, maybe you will realize why you were born, and learn where you were before birth and where you will be after death.

If i hate people, its only because of the stupidity of blind faith. Blind faith will get you about as far as wishes. And while you are wishing, ill be busy taking action making things happen.

Least my messages are getting through to many of you, and thanks to some of you who actually left me a positive remark. And if i say "You", i dont mean it personally , i mean you as in all the people.

Oh and nazis, i hate their ideals the most. Jews are good people, just not all, as is the case with any race of people. For those who dont know the real history of things in the past, are doomed to repeat it as well. Like george Carlin (RIP) once said, I like to do something very outrageous, it called thinking for my self and not trusting what the gov't tells me is good.

Remember the newly created energy department created in the 70's? At that time we were making producing roughly 30% of our own oil then and that was created to lessen our dependence on foriegn oil. Well, now we produce what , like 2% of our own oil, so there is just one example of how our gov't works. The use WMD's Weapons of mass delusions

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im a defender of good common peoples. Trust me if america wasnt trying to play god, then im sure we would all get along, but its the gov't that is throwing a wrench in and messing it all up. And you think that all muslims are evil, you aint no better than the people over stating the holy caust. Thats right. Holy. I guess god works in mysterious ways through the hand of man. Personally i think god left us because we are all god and since we hate eachother, we hate god too. And no im not chritian or any other stupid religion. I like to believe in the truth and the truth is what it is and i know a part of it and i know that we are all god togather.
The jews killed jesus, then though oh shit, ok let make him into a god for our benefit. If i was my own race and i was corrupt, id lie and say things that wernt true to meet my agendas as well, but im not, and im glad. I live by the truth in meditation. I just feel good sometimes knowing ive been to places most people could never even pretend to complrehend. And thos who believe in hell, well, look around, it aint going nowhere.

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I replying to someone who said i need to revise my world view. Is this is demand, or a wish? Look, i love all people stupid as they might be, but if 6 millions jew dies, big whoop, compared to 20 million plus other that might be exterminated right now.
Its the bigger dik theory. If your peoples is bigger than my peoples, than our women will want you more right? Seems to be the way China works, so freaking fearful of people who are only violent when backed in a corner. Let all just a have a huge pitty party, and tell the jews to get lost, they are goin gto destroy themselcves anyways

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huh, seems to be the jew are know to be good bankers, the bankers have intentionally screwed up the economy, so it seems more plausable that the jews, or even Israel is threat to the world.
Here is one race of people that won the pity party. But you cant blame them, blame how smart and corrupt they are, they just sold the world into debt so they can at the top/ As long as they have "Terrorist", America will always back em up. First it was poverty, then the war on drugs, and now in the shadow of hitler, we have America declaring a war on terror. They just got the best of both worlds when they get to label the columians Narco Terrorist. But when the us took over afgan, the jew got the poppy fields back and now the world is flooded with the cheapest and most abundant heroin ever. People are just stupid, they sit back and let it happen and the brave few who stnad up against it, get labeled terrorists. And America calls them cowards, but cant fight fair. "Yes we can" decieve the world and sell it out to the jewish bankers.