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Glad you agree. I was expecting very little from this film and was pleasantly surprised. Portman was very good. You are right, she is easy to dislike in the film but we keep pulling for her to come around.

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In-N-Out-Burger is California's wanna be Culver's. But it's oooooh so good!

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Exactly. Lucas and other "brat pack" filmmakers were the first generation to formally study past directors in order to improve their own craft. What made Reifenstahl unique during her time was that she had an endless supply of resources, something most filmmakers did not have. Therefore, she could try many new things without worry of losing money, after all, her films were made to further an ideology not a business. Many of the famous shots of Nazi soldiers marching or congregating seen from an extremely high angle are likely from Reifenstahl's "Triumph of the Will."

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I have not heard this, if you can find a source on it I would be interested.

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Thanks Mark! Cliche's are terrible for storytelling. As in Snyder's book you recommended to me, it's important to do "the same but different." Making real world enemies in films is exactly that, it's the same (good vs. evil) but different when there is plenty of evil in the world to blow away in films. Of course, not every film needs to have the Taliban as an enemy per se, "Taken" did a perfect job using real world evil that often gets overlooked.

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My thoughts exactly. What is unfortunate is that some right wing whistle blowers are calling this film a hatchet job or anti-business film. This is far from the truth, though Hollywood does like to do those things. The film is about so much more and to only see it in a political context is to miss the real point of the film.

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My advice would be to ignore posters that are irritating. If they go as far as to attack writers and posters personally we usually delete and block them. If you see something in question, I encourage you to click the "report" button on the comment so we can check on it. We don't always have time to check all of the comments. Thanks for sticking in there, we have seen "trolls" of all types. I wrote a post a while back describing how the leftist's "go to" criticism on sites like this is something along the lines of "your writing sucks." These people only comment to provoke and it is a waste of time to engage them. We certainly appreciate you support!

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Just because he is the main character doesn't mean he is the hero. Dexter is a man who is battling all kinds of demons. This show is a study of his character. He is not portrayed as someone we would want to be, instead, the series gives us a window into something we could never know.

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Lehane is great. I thought Scorsese did an excellent job with "Shutter Island."