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not a problem at all.

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I never said I didn't support most of what Glenn is doing, I'm just saying that he needs to be careful that he himself doesn't become a spreader of bad information. He did not do his research on that IRS piece and as a result has opened up the gate to people wondering how much other stuff he spouts without looking into it. This might be ok except that he makes it a point to try to get the facts on a handful of other topics which leads one to believe he does on everything. He set the air so he needs to pay more attention to what he says and what position he takes.

I would love to hear anyone come up with a legal support of the IRS other than the fact that they can do whatever they want and you're a fool to not pay taxes.

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We need to keep a few things in mind:

1) We know the news media has become so biased that we can not listen to them for facts any longer.

2) We know that we just got 300,000 people to stand in the street and if we did a survey I bet 95% have never done such a thing before in their entire life. I am one of those.

3) We know that Obama said he didn't know anything about a Tea Party yet they release a Homeland document saying that they are worried and paying attention.

4) We, and they, know that if 300,000 actually took off from work and showed up that there are 5 times that number that were supporting us in spirit.

5) They now have to at least assume that since the media tried to diss us that even more will show up in the next showing.

Don't get discouraged. Every movement starts small and builds up steam as it goes. We just started huge in our first stand, wait to see what the next gathering will bring and expect each one to get larger. Washington is out of control and our message needs to be this:

We know we can vote you out of office and we will. However, we are not willing to wait for these things to be fixed. You're in office now and YOU ARE going to fix these things NOW. We've been asking for these same things for years and you've ignored us. We REFUSE TO BE IGNORED ANY LONGER!

And while we're at it. Democratic and Republican and Independent parties need to be removed and replaced by a single AMERICAN party where we vote people in concerned with our country and making it great again. Not with highschool children that have never had a real job in their lives that sit around and blame everyone else for their faults. Its like watching an MTV video on a bunch of kids trying to live with each other. Yet they walk around trying to act as if they are above us.

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I agree mostly except that I don't think we should look for candidates that support us, I think we should be the candidates. Start an "American Party" and vote each other into office, move through and clean house. The majority of the people we vote into office are crooks and will always be crooks. They talk out of both sides of their mouths are are trained liars in most cases. I think we should elect a bunch of plumber joe's to move through and wipe out all their little parties until we can take our government back.

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I think the actual number was somewhere around 15%. Can anyone even make logical sense of any of this? Lets outline:

1) US Population demands enforcement of our borders with Mexico.

2) Population demands something be done about the millions of illegals in this country.

3) Government ignores us and does nothing at all, but makes sure to tell us in every election that something needs to be done and that they are going to fix it.

4) Government tells us too many guns and drugs move across the border so now they need to punish us for buying all the drugs and shipping all the guns. Hmm. I'm a bit slow, but I think maybe there is a problem here far greater than my guns and my drug habits...

puff puff... anyone?

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Glenn Beck has let us all down with that IRS pep rally yesterday. I'm not sure how the woman on the program represents but this blog entry says it all. Glenn has just about lost my support as I no longer can assume he researches his stories before he spouts them from his lips. I hope he fixes the screw up soon.

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You guys are guys are too funny. Yes you have power. Keep telling yourself that and watch what has happened the last 80 years continue to happen. They've got you right where they want you. Thinking you have the power while they steel it away. You'll wake up in 2 more years asking where your freedom of speech went and in 4 asking where all the guns are.

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Go VOTE: Its an MSNBC Pole... Lets show them how much we like Obama and his processes:


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Well, lets see if I can convince you that you're wrong. I never said you can't find honest people, however I will say that you won't find very many smart honest people that would be willing to quit their jobs and go to washington to deal with the arrogant BS that goes on up there. Now add to it that you will be waiting almost 7 long years before you'll even be able to replace everyone that's up there.

Now ask yourself based on how fast things are moving right now and how much has been done to destroy this country in the last 3 months if you think (honestly) that we can wait 6 years. Then ask yourself what the chances of getting those honest wonderful people into office will be given that people like Barney Frank and Pelosi get elected over and over again and have the records that they have.

I'll keep saying it: Until you people are ready to get serious and fight they've won.


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You know why you think me negative? Because you're just getting involved and haven't realized that the voting booth will not fix the issue. Have you asked yourself why Nancy and Barney are still in their respective places of power even after all their previous term screw ups? Its because 50% of the people out there are total opposites of us and they expect you to sit on your bum and do nothing until voting comes around again. That way, you can vote 1/3 of them out of office. Boy that should do it. And replace them with who? The other 2/3's will wear them out until the next election, oh, over 4 years from now, where you can nail another 1/3rd, boy, you're getting the job done fast.

Now compare what has happened in just 3 short months under Obama and ask yourself if you can wait over 6 years to replace them and whether you seriously think that will happen. By then the country will be bankrupt, they'll be pushing for nationalizing everything to help us poor devils out and we'll have one world currency.

if you're unable to see what is coming that is a short coming of yourself, not me being negative.