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the chief minister should work hard to declassify the documents and show it to the penangites. by doing so, it will prove dap led state government is walking the talk of CAT.

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the members of parliament of both divide should request najib to bring out part of the rm2.6billion to help facilitate the building of affordable homes for the poor.

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james masing should be in the forefront to disagree that a ustaz posted to head a predominant christian school. does sarawak did not have qualified people to head the school?

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arul kanda why wait till now to announce this summary of accounts. you should have done it earlier. having announced this summary, please follow up what are the conditions of ipic loan of the usd1.0billion lately. we rakyat is waiting. be man to do it because you are the ceo of 1mdb.

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is lim guan eng telling penangites that the gst is the right implementation for malaysia because penang can recover in 2 years time economically. lim guan eng you are puzzling the rakyat. if you have the time, please clarify.

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tan keng liang should request his president to urge najib to re think the 11th malaysian plan to include penang in its growth target. gerakan should remember that penang was once their bastion in politics. however, i wonder if ah keong has the guts to talk to najib.

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this ahmad shabery is saying one thing and doing another. this is the so called rakyat di dahulu kan umno style.

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this is the end result of race based policy. look at singapore where meritocracy is practised. now even in private hospitals, the front desk staffs and
all other general clerical staffs in other departments could not communicate in english. malaysia need to totally revamp its education policy to answer to present day requirements of the world which is borderless now.

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with uncaring umno/bn government, rakyat has to brace with more economic tougher times ahead. coupled with the weakness of the pm albeit with the scandalous 1mdb heist, the pm has no time to look into the welfare of the rakyat and country. now the cabinet is all mute mode. auto pilot of running the country is the order of the day. only one party suffers. this is the rakyat.

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the igp should put in more effort into this gangland attacks instead of taking keen interest of the sogo assembly.