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"Wasn't there a big outcry over this during the Cheney administration?"

Yes, there was...but despite the "loud outcry" there was no resolution. A new "law" that was quickly and quietly ignored. Just like the issue of torture and the lack of prosecution, until they prosecute someone for using unsecure private servers it will continue - and become less and less problematic as far as the users and the media they own goes. As for the American people's concerns, well, they don't really care what we think nor what are concerns are.

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"...Comey and the "J Edgar Hoover right wing culture" at the FBI are going after Clinton to terminate her bid for the Dem Pres nomination."

Regardless, Comey and his embedded rightwingers work for Justice (Lynch) who works for Obama. Even though there have been rogue cabinet members during Obama's reign, particularly in State and Defense, Comey irrespective of his rightwing leaning tendencies is still a wuss who prefers his job. It's never good for your CV when you get fired for gross insubordination. Now, that said, it all rests on the presumption that Obama wants to protect her...

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My guess is that if Justice decides to indict, it will happen AFTER the November election or more likely after Inauguration day in January. She may not have any "friends" at Justice but there are enough politicos who owe the Clintons or are just sycophants who will slow things down until it may be too late. But, that's just this old Curmudgeon's opinion...

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"...done a fantastic job of dulling the american rube."

That task was not a difficult one to accomplish. The American public school system is very good at prepping their students for accepting their manipulation without much complaint.

But, as always, that's just this old Curmudgeon's opinion...

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It seems they're still trying to find a purpose for the Department of Homeland Security...

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If it is determined that a war crime has been committed and that the US did in fact supply the cluster bombs then the US should be charged right alongside the Saudis. I'm pretty sure that the 2008 ban also included a ban on signatories selling them.

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Perhaps this will be the engine that finally kills NATO.

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Tell you time you're up this way visiting NH, let me know (curmudgeonvt -dot- yahoo -dot- com) and we'll figure out if we can meet. There's a great little brewery in Littleton called Schillings - great Euro-style brews.

6 years ago @ News From - Germany Lifts Alert Af... · 0 replies · +1 points very afraid...but we'll protect you - you just have to give up a little of your "freedoms."

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Not arguing that he deserves to go to jail. I'm just an observer and what I've seen over the years is that there are 2 sets of rules. The "stars" and "elites" have one set and the rest of us less fortunate have another. IF this should ever go to trial and should he be convicted, the judge will look at his age and his life as an entertainer and he'll feel sorry for him. IMO, he'll never do time.

As for your "friendly" bet, sounds tempting, especially the fishing - I lived in Tampa for a number of years and do miss the fishing. But, since I'm not a betting man, especially when logic should prevail but usually doesn't, I'll pass. Besides, I don't know you at all and as we all should know by now, what you see on the intertoobs should always be taken with caution.

Now, assuming you were serious, you really didn't think I'd take that offer, did you?

But have a happy new year anyway.