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thank you soldier for your bravery! May you rest in peace!

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she looks like she has been pa ssed around more times than a ketchup bottle at a truck stop

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really dude, you rob a bank and all you ask for is 80 dollars, and then return to the library to change? I am guessing he had 80 dollars of late fees to pay up!

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and why dont u do us all a favor and get off your high horse! I am speaking for lots of others in this city, when I say at one time this city was a thriving, bustling, beautiful, small city where people wanted to stay or move to and raise a family, make a career in, love to live in. Now in the last 10 years the city has turned into a run down, crime riden city, that many people have moved away from to get away from all the crime, drugs, nonsense. Unfortuantly our city and state officials have found it "awesome" to diverse the city by allowing more individuals from bigger cities like Chicago, and St. Louis to come and live cheap. This was happening in this city WAY before the flood came in 08 and that only made situations worse.

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very heartwarming story to read, and the pictures speak a thousand workds! Both owners and dog are happy to be reunited, and from the pictures it looks like the dog never forgot his previous owners! :)

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wow shots fired on the SE side....are you serious???!!! NO WAY! ( sarcasm). Pretty soon that nonsense will spread to parts of the SW, NW, and NE sides of CR if it aint already there! This city is turning into lil Chicago as well

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thank you, my point exactly on one story that involved her a couple of weeks ago! Too many people getting animals because they are adorable at the time there were little and then they grow big, and eat more food and nobody wants to take the responsiblity keeping it alive. If more people spayed and neutered their animals, and had a little common sense if they would be capbable of taking care of an animal their wouldnt be so many strays in the first place and this lady wouldnt be able to feed her need to " nurture, and care for" these strays and abandoned animals!

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I am sure she did run a successful business, most people probably wouldnt have even taken their dogs to be groomed at her business if they truely knew what was going on behind the scenes! At any point she could have asked for help but did she NO, and now where is she, oh thats right no one knows because she fled the state!

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I know what they were doing! they were reinacting scenes from Westside Story! (sarcasm)

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they should just really re-name Waterloo little Chicago! Never ever will I live in the Waterloo area again or for that matter raise a family!