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This post was interesting and relevant and in no way wasted my time.

However, I also read all the above comments, which not only stole valuable seconds from my life without enriching my experience of the world one iota, but also compelled me to write this reply and thus throw away even more precious moments of the fleeting, too-brief time allotted to me on this earth.

See you bastards in court.

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Wait... never mind that, I think we're back in business. Phew. Those were a scary eight minutes. Now, time to take some suspicious, brightly coloured pharmaceutical tablets from a stranger on the internet.

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This looks really fun and awesomely put together, and I look forward to taking the journey and seeing how deep the rabbit-hole goes... when Wordpress fixes itself. As of about five minutes ago their support boards turned into a frenzy of WTF, so at least it's not just me, but I'm afraid your red pill link is currently broken. Maybe I'll have to go blue for now.

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Phew! Glad it turned out okay. I second the "everyone", though maybe one step at a time, if there are others to whom opening up might be similarly harrowing.

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Wow. Apparently, no Christian who's ever had a conversation with an atheist before now has ever thought to ask such insightful questions. Or, if they did, I guess they didn't notice how easily the foolish non-believer caved utterly and started agreeing with everything they were saying. You just have to explain to them what they believe, and then they'll realise they don't really believe it and admit that you were right all along. It's amazing it's taken this long for anyone to notice that.

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Add me to the teetotal skeptics list - that's, what, five now? No way those kinds of numbers don't mean something. Maybe the infusion of unicorn blood that gives us our critical thinking super-powers also reacts poorly with ethanol.

Oh wait... yeah, I just remembered the Skepchicks too. Well, there goes that theory.

(Great post, by the way.)

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I find your presumption that I lack a belief in unicorns to be morally unjustifiable.

But yes, this is another tedious point we seem to have to keep explaining. The author of that article doesn't like Chick tracts because they make God seem "cruel and capricious". I find the Bible does that just as well. Also, I'm not sure if he's making much of a distinction between moral justification and logical justification. The god of the Bible (along with many others) seems, to me, both morally abhorrent and empirically unsupported. It's not just that I'm choosing not to believe because he doesn't seem very nice.

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Looks like it had a bad Friday 13th a while back and hasn't noticed anybody's updates since then. I've just pinged it though, and it seems to have spotted me now.

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I love my new homeworld! Excellent round-up, setting the standard almost annoyingly high for the next few hosts. And congratulations on the new small person you helped make! I hope it's all worth the absolute horror of the first few days/weeks/years/however long it takes before being a parent actually becomes rewarding and you're allowed to sleep again.

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I suppose I'm not sure precisely what "keep[ing] his personal beliefs separate" would entail. For me, the simple fact that he's still giving Christianity any credence at all would be enough to demonstrate that his scientific approach leaves much to be desired, and that his aptitude for skepticism and reasoning has at least some tendency to be clouded - but there are religious people who do great things for science, and make great arguments on the non-religious side of things. I wonder to what extent believing that Jesus is magic can be described as a failing to keep these beliefs separate.

However, having read a bit more about this guy, in particular PZ's latest, I am becoming increasingly convinced that his credibility is significantly impaired where it counts. I'm still not sure I'm convinced it makes Obama a bigger idiot than Sylvia Allen, but I'm coming around to Collins being a bad choice.