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Poor Alice Crozier. A once-venerable academic reduced to serving as the seemingly willing pawn of a toothless wannabe power player pro-wrestling fan, an obese, developmentally disabled pro-wrestling fan, a demonstrably unhinged failed political-career manager and a sad, shrill, rudderless housewife with too much allowance and too little brain capacity. Youth may be wasted on the young, but in the case of this crew, wealth is wasted on the dumb.

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Question - is there any hope any further law-enforcement activity may still result from this? I thought the FBI had concluded their investigation and moved on. I hope I'm wrong about that.

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I never said who's right or wrong, I just said you both made your points and let's get back to party mode. I don't want to wind up taking it in the rear from any paid political operatives because we can't avoid letting minor quibbles explode into lengthy pissing matches.

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It looks like Caren Matner/Lissner's teen-romance novel is actually in production to become a movie pretty soon, so we may soon bid her farewell as she goes off to pursue her dreams of fame and fortune. But until then, I think it's safe to say she's a wholly owned subsidiary of the Barrys, or at least owes them big for setting her up with a day job she can pretty much phone in while chasing the elusive big-time. But if and when she moves on, another placeholder will fill her shoes in no time. It's a real estate rag of, by and for developers, always has been.

And rumors have been swirling forever about Unger and whatever alternative lifestyle he may be trying to subsidize with his antics. The lawsuit defendants would have more insight than little old me, but I hear rumblings some evidence of that may be about to blow up.

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C'mon, people, take it easy. This is a time for celebration. Owl, Giant, points taken, now give each other a big wet kiss and move on. There's nothing the masonistas would love more than to see us eating our own so they can divide, conquer and bend us over for a ramrod up the poopchute. We do not want that.

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I can't wait until the e-mails come out exposing these hypocritical homobeefies and their little masonista lovefest.

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The fact that these mason minions keep hanging around her hoop thinking she's going to be a big-timer someday is getting less funny and more outrageous. I mean, what kind of queer-ass losers think it's ok to go around trying to ruin people's lives basically so they themselves don't have to bother learning a real trade and working a straight job?

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I love photos of Peter Cammarano. I never knew the guy. but he always has that $#!+ eating grin on his face like he things he's some tough guy but underneath it all he's clearly a total fairy.