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I fear... someone's either getting fired or sued.

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I am a author and I have tried to sub. a completed screenplay to Hasbro.

They are like Fort Knox in they only 'let in who they want in.'

I have even reached out to several producers, actors, and writers (Several who work on MLP-FIM) and they all told me the same thing... that Hasbro makes ALL of the decisions.

They have a stranglehold on their IP and they will not loosen for anyone that is not a 'name' in the industry.
It is very sad because it stifles true creativity and filters it to only a select, chosen few.

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That was really cool!

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Actually, I thought they fashioned the character of Rainbow Dash, after the character JO played by Nancy McKeon on "The Facts of Life"

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OMG #4 looks like it could be a scene from my story - I'm serious!

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I have thought that for a long time about Scootaloo. Either an orphan or abandoned.

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Pony! Get me out of this rotting Earth!

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Such a great speech ... I just wish more people would heed its dire message.

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Nothing beats the "Smile" song ... NOTHING!

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The problem with it is this: Another misrepresentation of the show's true nature.
We know MLP-FIM is a show filled with pop culture, morality, life lessons, continuity, excellent animation and voice acting, and lots of real humor.
Any time that it is featured on a mainstream show, it is always portrayed as "shameful", "creepy", or "embarrassing."
This once again ... does not help anything.