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Congratulations on discovering some of that human and positive discontent as you consider your writing. I always promise my internal editor a chance to comment on my writing, but only after I get it finished. In the meantime, I keep reminding myself that the part of me that thinks i can do better is why anything I write this year is probably better than what I wrote last year.

First, though, is to finish the project's first draft..... Keep on plugging away and do not worry about how hard it is - Heinlein once speculated hat only 25% of the people who are motivated to write a book will finish the first draft.

Keep going. You can do this.

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What fun.... My favorite part was watching the hand gestures that were out of frame in the camera but visible in your background reflection. Thanks for the grin and keep having fun. As a certain cat once said, "It's fun to have fun, but you have to know how." Thanks for showing that you do know.

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Thank you so much! Keep following your passion - it's the secret of how to avoid working for a living. When you do what you love it can become playing for a living instead!

Will you be at the tweetup at @CoffeeGroundz on the 23rd?

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One of the twitter events of Hurricane Ike that i really remember was when we all started using our zi codes as hastags so we could tell were the power outages and restorations were, as well as store openings and generators. Someone with family in my neighborhood found my zip code through my hastag and asked me to check on their family so they could reach out and connect with their loved ones.

Later I searched for my zip code to see who else had gone through Ike in my neighborhood and followed them on twitter - getting to know my neighbors that much more closely!

I'd have to say the same to you, Christine, about how getting to know you. I'm so glad we get to know each other through these new mediums!

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So let me take a moment to welcome the NPR listeners and readers out there that have been linking in. Welcome to mere wisdom!

And thank you Elaine for passing the word along. You are one of the people with whom I connect through social media - and one of the people that makes my life richer as a result. Thanks!

How long have you been a NPR listener and reader o the site?

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Considering that it was your invitation in '07 to join twitter that finally convinced me to join myself, I think you are right. I'm not sure if it's the number of followers that changes one experience of twitter as much as it is the social circle that one knows on twitter. That's where your Flickr group serving as a already-known social circle let me experience twiotter and the tweets of people that i already cared about... And i can't help but wonder if that wasn't why I stuck.

What made you stick as a twitter user?

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Thank you so much for the kind words and for the share on facebook! That really means a lot to me that you thought (think) so highly of it.

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I thought some of us became libertarians to get away mediocrity. But I'd be interested in joining Massed Libertarians of Microblogging. ;-)

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There's the name, and then there's the groundswell.... Just because you influence one, does not mean you influence the other.

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Hi Angela! Seeing your comment really made my day. None of us are alone, we all are connected to one another in a beautiful web - or so I believe. Thank you for all the ways the connection with you enriches my life, my friend.