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Ahh yes the IRS a perfect example of what Lawyers can screw up

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Having Parents indoctrinate their children at home I do not see any way to enforce a law-but when it comes from the public schools-
lawyers-state and local representative--Television and so on I absolutely think there should be laws against religious indocrination...
I have always believed that at home you can believe or pray to your dog if you like but I do not want to see it coming from other sources that should stay nuetral telling my kids about their make believe god ..
It will never be made illegal because lawyers have destroyed every facet of law in this country ...I see on the net talks of armed revolution
and always thought it a little nutty but lately some of their points are not that nutty--but some of the nasty stuff is coming from gods army if you know what I mean..

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You got that right--heres how bad christian privilege is here--
A few years ago I went down to the once a week paper and paid for an ad that said--Would like to start freethinker club call 555555
few days later phone rings and woman says shes editor and what is a freethinker .I said to myself oh-oh and thought a second and said its just people who like to talk about anything they feel like..Then she says do you start your meetings with a prayer--I respond--I don,t know we don,t have club yet..Then she says my staffer told me freethinkers do not believe in god is that true--I respond thats possible
but what does that have to do with starting a club...I am told you are just a bunch of communists and I will not put your ad in the paper and I will send you a check for what you paid and hung up on me....

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Jack I wish I could send you some clips..At moment on TV this mega bucks Lawyer has ads every day with various people saying things like"Aaron Sacks puts Jesus first" or another "Aaron Sacks works with god so you know he is honest"" Yeah right..
Now in newspaper ads if their business name has a T in it --its made to look like a cross bigger than rest of print..
Heres one I seen yesterday--Bulldozing-stump removal-Tree Topping done with Christian love.
Another--home building done by christians who work with the Lord by Christian construction company..All the Ts are made large and bold print like christian cross..You see it painted on store windows also..
I always wonder does that stuff work or are they trying to get those dumb christians to part with their money....

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In my area religion and the pastors in these churches push these people and they respond...The people seem not to have free will..
Most polling places here are in churches and if you think they are covering up their "advertisements" think again...All they have to do is mention or fabricate that something in the bible means this or that and that candidate said it and you can bet they will not get one vote from that church..Down here if your a Democrat your done..better to call your self an independent..To give you an example how bad it is when Obama ran for president he got 8 votes in this county and the others fared just as badly..

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works both ways--Voters do the same to non voters

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I feel you have the perfect right to feel outrage when you have proven yourself 100% right and the other person is still spouting crap and does not intend to listen...but gets away with promoting their garbage...and then to make sure they put you down and shut you up they put this new day and age word on you for any reason--RACIST
All of a sudden in this country its wrong to express your likes and dislikes especially when it comes to countries ,religion, people ,beliefs
even if you can qualify them...Right now it seems its alright for "blacks" to show their hatred of "whites" and if a white tries to respond they are racists-bigots..I feel a little outrage when I listen to some of claims made and have never seen or heard them in my life because the color of my skin..I get my gut feeling somewhere along the line a race war is trying to raise its ugly head..
What the heck is wrong with a good back and forth discussion and sometimes YES that lightbulb pops on and says maybe they are right I,ll try it...

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Have not had anyone banging on my door for years--so either they all gave up or I am saved (from what I don,t know)
I kind of miss those mental cases..I loved giving them a bad time..Now my wife was a different story..She just flat tell them get the hell off my porch then come back and tell me why do you even talk to them Idiots...Wife just looked over my shoulder and seen what I was writing and says maybe its because that one time you locked those JW,s in the barn and called the sheriff..Yes!!! now that was fun.Kept them there from breakfast to lunch..

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Love those Bronson movies--In one of them he has my favorite line of all times--He has hunted down the gang members and has one left sitting on the floor..He has that big pistol on the guys forehead and bronson looks down at this Giant gold cross around this guys neck
and asks him "do you believe in that Jesus stuff"guy says yeah and bronson says well you are going to meet him and then you hear the big bang...

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I do not know what glasses you are looking thru but maybe you can enlighten me to Atheist churches-Atheist bibles--Atheist wars.(Hitler was 100 % catholic).
I do not see Atheists trying to teach babies that Genocide-murder and torture is OK as long as you do it in some gods name..They do not hang torture devices around their necks to brag about it..Atheist do not give out false hope about going to heaven just the plain proven factual truth..
If an atheist parent ever seen his child being tortured and killed and had the power to stop it --they sure as hell would..
The Bible is the best proof there is that there never was a loving god period....