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Good post..Fear pretty much describes what religion is all about.Biggest fear I had was those dam Nuns.If you asked a question they could not answer you got smacked somewhere.I remember once I asked how do I know I am sinn ing and where in the bible is a list of mortal sins.Out comes the yardstick"Bam" I,m in the closet again.Decades later looking back I realize they beat religion right out of me..Religion has absolutely no answers,but sure as hell has alot of questions that needs an answer..
As Jack eluded to many people just go for social reasons..Now in a big city if you do not go to church nobody really gives dam,but in small towns it is noticed and I guarantee you will be shunned in some way..They act like pack animals..

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everyone should read your post..It shows exactly what religion does to a young mind..I can just feel the fear and I really hope you are strong enough to finally break free and see life as it really is without religion...I hope the day comes when you sit real quiet and say to yourself.Whats wrong with me in believing this god crap.If this god can do everything and is so loving why does he need my money to fix a church..Why not stop the wars --hurricanes--tornadoes..and what about those poor kids in St Judes hospital..
I demand PROOF

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There is nothing minor about vandalism..To me they are just checking to see if they can get away with something bigger..Remember
you are living in" good ole boy" country and jimmy joe might be related to billy bob.Just keep a lookout for pickup trucks with a rebel flag and christian flag in the beds..

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It pretty much shows his thought process is not his own.I do not like the word "brainwashing" but it fits him quite well.
People refer to a person like him as an educated person but to me he flunked on alot of subjects...

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I have always felt the way a person is raised has alot to do how they will be in life overall..If its religious you most likely fall in line like your parents.If not and you are tired of no answers you look for answers and that turns you into a horrible"freethinker" of a person..
When these people that hear voices in their heads and talk to these voices most other people say those people have a problem"including christians".They need help,but if you point out its exactly what they do in church immediately they are on defense because they are talking to God..Its OK --You are bad you are secular--You have no right to ask for proof..
So what do we do next?? we elect them as leaders in government..Makes sense right??
So now we have new kids on the block wanting their turn at leading..Do you listen to them or do you look at the way they dress and tatoos etc..Its a hard decision..
Being self employed most of my life I picked up a few things"knowledge"along the way..If I had a customer who was dirty and not well kept their car was usually the same way and if I had a service call to their home it was also the same...That stuck with me...
So would you hire them??Would they treat everything else the same way?? Would you want them around your kids or running government..??

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Partly right but I will not go into it..That use of the word "inverter" has always bothered me and I prefer "converter" myself.But google inverters and all sorts of generators,welders and other stuff pop up...So I go with the flow I guess.As to my remark about the RV and their so called inverter what that box does(not all of them) it will convert 12 volts to 120 and also back again.Its mainly for the "fridge" and furnace.The fridges are advertized as 3 way but in reality they are only gas and 12 volts mainly because when you use shore power its 120 volts and converted to 12 volts. The furnace is always 12 volts..Now this is not set in concrete because these new Fancy motor homes can have 120 volt fridges and their converter boxes have more fuses and breakers then a house..

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In many instances you are right my friend but my RVs have an inverter in them that converts 12 volts to 120 volts and there is no friction there.Don,t know your age but the TV series star treck is approachint 50 years and back then we used to laugh as my Dad used to say all the "crap" they had.Not laughing any more.Look in your pocket.Back then telephones in many places were not available yet.The computer I worked on in the AF would not fit in an 18 wheeler and now you have one in your pocket that phones and computes around the world .That gadget "scotty" had that he waved over people to see what ails them.Well I was in the hospital a few weeks ago and while they were waving this gadget over me I watched my heart beat on TV.
Dreams do come true sometimes when you work at it. I am certain they will figure out how to make cars have their own power supply if big oil does not get invovled.I have several collecter cars and truck in my barn and sitting in front of them a fairly new car and I can not list the improvements(but there,s also some crap i wish were not there)

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What I had in the back of my mind was In 1947 I got my first bike and one of the rules were no riding after dark .That went for all kids back then.Then one night I heard this beeping and when I opened the door it was my friend all excited.He says you got to see this.I looked and right away said "you rode your bike here" he says watch and takes off and to my amazment there was light front and rear and that beeping was a horn.he showed me a little gadget about half the size of a pop can that rubbed on the tire when you pulled a cord it was spring loaded and then you pulled the cord again to stop it.I had to have one but at $8 was out of my reach so I started saving my 25 cents a week allowance and start finding all the returnable glass bottles I could
find and in a month had one.
So I,m thinking why not some sort of generator on the axles.They have learned how to make everything else small

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You hit the nail on the head--too much screwing too many people--Remove a few billion people and you have instantly better water,air quality etc..and this government with religion pushing all the way still rewards women for having babies they can not take of..and punishing those that do not with higher taxes and job discrimination..Jack and others on this blog have done more for the enviorment without knowing it and all I can do is give them a thumbs up.
All I have to do is think hurricanes,tornadoes and such and electric cars are not in my thoughts..When some one figures out how to have the vehicle generate its own power then you will have something.Just imagine a car that you could drive cross country and never have to stop except to Pee and eat..

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I,m one of those old racists---so now that we have that out of the way.Everybody is about right in these posts.
It really depends on the region you live..I grew up in Long island NY while WW2 was going on.If you called somebody black you might get a bloody nose.The term colored was mainly used ..Never heard African American and very little Nigger..But go to another part of the state and thats all they called the colored people.. .My neighborhood was Italian-Irish-polish and you all know the slang there..Then when I was drafted I ended up in Mississippi and Texas where the colored folk called me "whitey-snowflake and others I can not remember,but funny thing was I did not know they were racist names.Then I got out of the AF in early 60,s and made Washington my home where I heard names I never heard before like "wetbacks" and "warwoops" and a few others..Along the way I learned that these names can be used in 2 ways.It just depends on the people you are with and the tone of your voice if you get my drift..My close fishing buddies were 2 colored guys and they used that nigger word all the time even on me.It can be used in a friendly way non racist way.One time one of them was really pissed because when he was putting in for a job they called him African American and he informed them in a funny way that there were NO relatives from Africa is his line.
His great parents were all from the west Indies back forever..They passed away about 20 years ago and I still miss that phone call when I would say hello and they would say Lets do some nigger fiishing this weekend..That was their way of saying lets go to the columbia river and do some night fishing off the bank..