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Just a reminder--we are all born non religious..

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easy to understand--Should post it at all church entrances..
What about people who hear voices in their heads
What about people who talk to these voices??Would you trust them to run your government...??
Do you think it is a form of mental illness..Voices in their heads are having an effect on your life...
Just what do we call people like that...Is this normal or are we abnormal for not hearing these voices like I have heard on TV...

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Nicely written..I also came down from the northwest but for totally different reasons and a different age generation..but like you I was in for an education when I hit This part of Missouri..Before the house was even finished to be lived in the well was being drilled and this pastor stopped and the first words were NOT hello where you from NO --What church are you going to attend Blah Blah..Before the day was over another would pretty much do the same from 30 miles away..Thats when I made my first mistake on my road to being shunned..I do not do the church stuff..I told this guy.He says why-I say god didn,t ask jokingly..Its been 20 years and we have not been bothered,but we have had some bad storms and floods and when the crews came to clean access to the main roads guess whose home was bypassed????These religious nutcases are all a bunch of hipocrites. screw people all week go to church on Sunday forgive themselves and do it all over again..

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Which god"--thats a question that should be answered..When I signed on as a plaintiff in Newdows suit in his IGWT I told him I disagreed with alot of his plan..I suggested we use it by going after one higher up political official that would make the news by accusing this person of putting the Muslim "god" on our money..My hope was that in typical christian fashion they would jump right back and say IGWT is the christian god thus admitting government sponsor of religion...
Then again this government has an $150,000 year priest starting every house meeting with a prayer and we hear nothing about it...
Which god is a very important question in my book.....

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unless this earth gets rid of about 4 billion or more people the future is bright only for the filthy rich..You stick a whole bunch of animals on a small plot with nowhere to go and one gets sick they all get sick eventually..People are animals and our small plot of ground is called Earth.Mathematics are proof but Religion ignors every dam thing and people are that stupid to believe some pastor instead of the proof...No Gods have ever helped and never will..Fate is in your hands...

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I try to think of how could I ever tell a little kid the religious garbage of god- heaven and hell when I know they will ask me what does god look like.My mind will not let me do that..I can not get myself to think like that.I guess my morals are a whole lot better than a christians.
Many years later when I asked my Mom why she did it ---the answer was appearences so I would fit in with all the Catholic Italians in the neighborhood...The answer sounds so simple..Is that what religion really about ???

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Your Mom like my Mom was mostly right..She knew how religious people were going to act...When I got yanked out of first grade in catholic school I always fought in my way about going to church or religious instruction.I did a lot of lying along the way too until about the age of 14 when I figured my english language was good enough to explain my feelings and what religion was doing to my self worth..She pretty much said what your Mom did but faded away quickly to the point that I knew she was putting on a act in alot of the religous stuff..
My Dad was strictly not religious so you can imagine some of the LOUD discussions that went on..One that sticks in my mind is when I came home in the hallway (we lived in an apartment) I heard my Dad bellowing"I don,t give a shit about your priest or God its my day off and I am taking the kid fishing tomorrow" end of discussion..He seldom got that loud but when he did Mom just kept quiet...
It was some years later that I found out Mom did a 180 on religion but kept it from me because she was ashamed...

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We think alike in alot of ways Jack.The virus also brought out how much people are not prepared for anything.I call it credit carditis..
If people and small business can not look ahead for the bad stuff why should the government bail them out...?I see on TV people lined up for food give aways and they are in $50,000 Trucks and SUVs and one was complaining about her 6 kids.She should have thouht about 6 kids before having them...and then she gets rewarded to the tune of $7400 ..For some reason I get the feeling that all this money is like monopoly money...

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I came home one night and 2 guys were raping my daughter and finally cut her throat--killing her
I did nothing --even though I had a way to stop it............????